It’s Official, We’ll Always Be A Disney Family!

Day 6 (19)

It’s official, we’re now members of Disney’s Vacation Club! It’s no secret that Disney World is our want-to-be home so it just made sense for us to make it officially our home away from home. We couldn’t love Disney more for all of the memories that it’s given us over the last few years and we can’t wait for so many more to come. And, I personally can’t wait for the many, many more gluten free dishes that I get to enjoy (and share with you!!). I may have already planned on some gluten free beignets next vaca!

And even more exciting, we’ve booked our first vacation as a family of four. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce our sweet new baby girl to Disney World for the very first time this Spring. And now the countdown’s on until we hear that familiar “Welcome Home,” but this time as new DVC members! 

Have A Magical Day,


“Here Mommy, Here,” Sharing Words That Are Not So Magical To A Gluten Free Mommy’s Ears #MommyProblems

A beautiful sight to be seen, when your little girl shares for the first time. Our not so baby girl is a sharing machine in her toddler years. Always making sure Mommy, Daddy, and her sweet sister, and let’s not forget her furry sister, are well taken care of, a tall order for such a small little girl. Her big little heart amazes me more everyday with just how giving a little person she can be, sometimes maybe a little too generous though.

Besides the colds we all shared since the New Year, yay 2016!, my toddler is oh too generous when it comes to her meals too. Not a meal or snack goes by without her offering up a morsel from her plate, most of the time being her favorite things too. Most mommies would cheer in excitement that their lessons of sharing are paying off! Yes I’m thrilled my little girl knows how to and loves sharing. And I hate having to turn down every offer all because I’m gluten free.

Early on our dietary difference wasn’t that difficult but as my girls started eating, my hands became dried and cracked from so much washing and oh yeah, my 3 year old daughter has learned that her mommy is gluten free. Raising two non-gluten free girls when you’re very much so gluten free means you’re in store for a couple challenges. First up, the excessive handwashing. I’m already an excessive handwasher, germophobia and all, but just picture this, gluten snack, wash, baby cereal prep, wash, and dinner time, well you might as well just leave the water running the whole prep time.

Next, the constant worry of cross contamination, hence the hand washing. Do I think twice when my daughter wants to hold my hand after digging her little fingers into a delicious gluten filled snack? Yup I do, I try to steer clear of gluten in any way, shape, or form, even on her sweetly miniature fingers. Another favorite, when she tries to give me a kiss during meal time and it just so happens to inadvertently land on my unexpected lips. I suddenly go into panic mode thinking about the crumbs that might’ve been sitting on her gluten lips. Yup, I’m that paranoid but any other gluten free mommy out there can understand. 

My favorite obstacle though for a partially gluten free family is that whole sharing thing that might just be a little overrated. Sure I want my girls to share, toys okay, clothes sure, basically everything else but food, at least with their mommy. It’s a terrible feeling turning my generous giver down time and time again, almost to see disappointment on her face after the millionth offer rejection. And yeah, that feeling is 100% mutual, there’s nothing like saying no thank you with a smile as your sweet little girl is offering her coveted goldfish, cookie, or worse, piece of birthday cake. My first and worse no thank you had to be at my toddler’s first birthday party when she offered her cake covered hand to me for a taste. It was the first time we saw her giving spirit and it was to me! Since she was very persistent Daddy stepped in to have a taste, but little did I know that would the first of many less than enjoyable gluten free mommy moments.

These days she’s not shoving cake fingers in my face but instead dangles gluten filled crackers, goldfish, cookies, bites of sandwich, you name it, she’s offered it and with insistence too. “Here Mommy, here,” as she dangles the morsel inches from my face, to which I politely say no thank you, only to have her insist that I try it again and again. And no surprise, after years of no thank yous I knew my intuitive little one would pick up on the fact that Mommy eats differently and rarely accepts her generous offers. Yup, my 3 year old, she was actually 2 when I first heard her say it, knows that her Mommy eats gluten free. She’s actually held up a snack and said “Here Mommy, it’s gluten free.” My little miniature is turning into quite the gluten free advocate and thankfully is still sharing up a storm!

I’ve on many occasions thought about a life where I’m not the only gluten free one in our house, but my girls, and maybe my husband, were too. It would be easier in so many ways sure but for so many reasons they aren’t and won’t be unless medically necessary. Being gluten free for me is out of medical need, it’s not optional, and as long as my girls can tolerate gluten, for however long that may be, they’ll be enjoying every bit of it, or at least for the 50% of the time they ingest it since I only bake and cook for the most part gluten free around here. This lifestyle is expensive and very limiting and to be fair, if they can enjoy food for what it is now I wouldn’t want to rob them of that. So for now, I’ll stay the gluten free mommy while everyone else enjoys their gluten. I’ll ward off the gluten snacks, pasta, and bread around me like the plague. And I’ll politely duck out of the generosity of my girls even if it breaks my heart to do it. #MommyProblems #GlutenFreeMommyProblems





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Christmas 2015 Came And Went But Not Without Leaving Plenty Of Memories Behind

Christmas 2015 came and went. It’s always so sad to me when Christmas is over. We love every second of the holiday season and when it finally comes, it seems like we blink and it’s done. Well, here we are in the first full week of January and Christmas is already two weeks ago. And even though the Christmas decorations have been packed up and put away, not without plenty of protest on my part though, I can’t help but still feel that Christmas glow as I glance through Christmas pics.

It was the perfect first Christmas as a family of four. Our 3 year old loved every bit of it and really understood the Christmas fun this year, while our 6 month old just loved being snuggled and watching the train under the tree. It was really magical experiencing this holiday season with two little ones, I just had to share some of my favorite moments!

Christmas '15 (6) Christmas '15 (1) Christmas '15 (2) Christmas '15 (3) Christmas '15 (4) Christmas '15 (5) Christmas '15 (7) Christmas '15 (8)

And even though I’m kind of sad that Christmas is over, I suppose we can always start counting down until Christmas 2016. Eh maybe no countdown until we’re under 6 months, for now we’re just going to enjoy the memory making months ahead of us filled with Mommy and Daddy’s birthdays, more holidays, a very special first Disney vaca for our baby girl, and our sweet baby’s first birthday!  



Is It A Gluten Free Future For My Girls? Alessio Fasano’s New CDGEMM Study Could Tell Us!

The hardest part of being a parent by far is the constant worrying. I’m a big worrier as is but when it comes to my girls, my mama bear mode kicks in and my worrying goes to a whole new level. I think I share the same concerns that every parent has for their children. Of course the obvious ones regarding their health and happiness. But as a parent with health issues that can surely be genetic, I can speak from personal experience that not a moment goes by when I don’t worry about what tomorrow will look like for them. 

Christmas '15 (10)

I’m one of the lucky parents though. On both of my girl’s birth days, they were born healthy. They cried loud, fragile little cries with ten fingers and ten toes, both weighing in at healthy 8 pounds and some ounces. For those first moments of motherhood I was able to breathe a sigh of relief, little did I know it would be my last one for the rest of their lives. You see what I’ve realized since their births is that you never know what tomorrow will hold for your kids, just as I haven’t for myself. And while we’ve been lucky with only minor issues here and there with both girls, I catch myself watching them like time bombs.

I find myself praying constantly that my girls won’t face the same health challenges that I have. And while eating gluten free might not seem like the worst of challenges it’s the years of damage and pain that I went through that I hope they will be spared. I spent too many years just getting through each day, not enjoying life and I can only hope that they can avoid that. Since I can’t predict the future though I’m stuck here worrying, praying, and crossing my fingers and toes that they’ll get Daddy’s genes when it comes to this one. 

Thankfully though, along with all of my hoping, we’re starting to see movement in this area of research thanks to Dr. Alessio Fasano, who’s taking huge steps to help the futures of little ones like my own. 

Dr. Fasano and his team at the Center for Celiac Research over at MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC) are working in collaboration with the Celiac Program at Harvard Medical School to better identify, predict, and ultimately prevent the development of celiac disease. This kind of study is just what I’ve been hoping for and exactly what our children need for their future. To figure out their risk of developing the disease and hopefully prevent it down the road would be a massive improvement for the quality of life of many of our kids. Even though I’m not officially a diagnosed celiac, many of my relatives have celiac or another auto-immune disease so even without the official label myself, which is more than likely there just wasn’t tested for, I consider my kids at risk for someday classifying themselves as celiacs too. The good news, with the help of celiac parents everywhere, the Celiac Disease Genomic Environmental Microbiome and Metabolic Study (CDGEMM) could help change the future for our children. 

Want to learn more and how you can participate?

What is the ultimate goal of the CDGEMM study? This is a prospective, observational, and multi-center, international study that will follow infants until they reach five years of age. With a child’s genetics and environmental conditions and more they’ll be able to identify the how these factors can contribute to celiac development. And with those contributions, they’ll be able to predict who will develop celiac before it actually happens. Sounds like a huge win for future and maybe eventually current celiacs everywhere!

Who can enroll?The CDGEMM study is enrolling infants under 6 months of age who have a parent or sibling who has diagnosed celiac. You can even enroll if you’re currently pregnant too! No worries about location either. This study is international and your participation is as simple and convenient as from your own home and local pediatrician. 

What does participation in the study entail? Children will be tested for celiac auto-antibodies every 6 months throughout the duration of the study. Also, genetic tests will be performed to check to see if your child carries celiac-compatible genes. 

To learn even more about this groundbreaking study by Dr. Fasano, head over to or email with any questions.

Also like CDGEMM on Facebook (Center for Celiac Research) and follow them on Twitter (@CeliacDoc or @CeliacResearch).

There’s no question in my mind that this study will change the future for all celiacs and those suffering from gluten intolerance. I’m so grateful for this study and am hopeful that it will brighten the lives of many of my fellow gluten free individuals and their families!





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Merry Christmas All!

It’s officially Christmas time! Our cookies are baked, our presents are wrapped, and my dear husband is en route home for a winter break. This time of year is special for so many reasons but most of all because we get to share it together. And this year, we’re plus one more little girl!  Christmas (2)

So from our family to yours,



Christmas Cookies Just Like From When You Were Little, Only Gluten Free!

Christmas music, wrapping presents, admiring Christmas lights, and my favorite, baking Christmas cookies, an amazing weekend before Christmas and I can officially say we’re all set for Santa’s big arrival. We had a little mini baking session last week, just Mommy and her girls baking some super tasty Gluten Free Peanut Butter And Chocolate Sandies but we decided to wait for Daddy for round 2 with a family favorite, cutout cookies. But can I just say how delicious these Sandies turned out! Soft, melt in your mouth, deliciousness with my favorite peanut butter/chocolate combo. While I’d like to pat myself on the back for making these balls of holiday goodness while calming a teething baby and washing, rewashing a toddler’s sticky fingers, I have to give plenty of credit to the star of these cookies, Bob’s Red Mill Baking Flour. Thanks to them these cookies looked, felt, and tasted EXACTLY like the Christmas cookies of my childhood, only these were 100% gluten free! Christmas (10)

In years past we’ve made Christmas cookies only for Daddy and daughter, strictly off limits for Mommy. When 66% of my family was okay with gluten, my daughter being one of them, I decided it was best for the time being to stick with the gluteny cookies (also most price conscious too). Since I spend many an hour in the kitchen with my little girl by my side these days, I’ve watched just how much cross contamination is possible from her little hands to my gluten free food or gluten free cooking utensils, very scary. So to save Mommy from any possible glutening we decided the family is going partially gluten free, at least at home that is. For our baking future, we’ll be doing only gluten free baking, with only gluten free flour flying around, which gives me a little relief I have to admit.

So with our now majority gluten free house I was on a mission this year to make the best gluten free Christmas cookies. Thanks to Bob’s Red Mill our Peanut Butter Chocolate Sandies were just that, gluten free without them being obviously gluten free (hey, the stereotype can be very accurate). Now onto a Christmas staple, Gluten Free Cutout Cookies, and I’m happy to report these turned out just as delicious and pretty as they look. And did you happen to notice anything Disney? Yup, we started fresh this year with brand new cookie cutters and as a special treat to our junior baker we let her pick out her favorites. Not surprising, Disney/Christmas won!

These, along with the Sandies, are always family favorites. Rolling cookie dough into balls or making special shaped cookies that are screaming for tasty decorations, the appeal for all kids and kids at heart is kind of obvious. So with the help of miniature, freshly washed hands we mixed up the batter and started rolling, cutting, cooking, and repeat. The mixer and cutting parts were fun but a favorite by far was decorating. Daddy picked out our little girl’s favorite icings and some festive sprinkles and let her creativity take over. And even though more icing may have made it’s way into her mouth than on the cookies, the end result, these adorable Christmas cookies that were oh so festive and just screamed my little girl’s name! Christmas (7)

Thanks to Bob’s Red Mill Baking Flour, this year I’ve been able to taste some of my favorite holiday flavors from years past and share these with my very excited toddler. Baking Christmas cookies was the perfect ending to our weekend and a fantastic start to Christmas week. Now onto a week filled with last minute preparations and one more round of cookie baking, Pizzelles! Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope this holiday is plenty merry and oh so bright for each and everyone of you!



Happy Almost 3rd Birthday My Sweet, Loving Little Girl

The holidays wouldn’t be complete around here without an extra special birthday. Our little Christmas miracle is what we called our first little girl. She was due only a few days after Christmas and made an early appearance days before our favorite holiday. She’s had the biggest heart and smile to match since she was born, and as she turns three very very soon, I can’t help but look back on all of the beautiful moments we’ve shared with such an amazing little person. And now here we are, about to celebrate our first baby girl turning 3 with a little sister by her side. So much has changed and so many amazing memories are being made, I just wish they’d slow down with this whole growing up thing. 

Anyway, to commemorate this momentous day we’ve given our little girl an extra special birthday party that’s just about her. The past few years we’ve had a couple wonderful parties that Mommy and daughter have loved putting together, but this one I think was my favorite so far. Turning 3 meant going from baby to big girl, looking forward to and loving the party idea and let’s just say the presents, well she jumped on opening those the second we announced that it was time. This time around she completely understood the wonderfulness of a birthday party and loved every second of it. From planning to the big day itself, she had a tiny hand in every part and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So without further ado, Come Join Us Under The Sea Because My Little Mermaid Is Turning 3!

Picking a theme was the toughest part. She threw out a few of her favorite ideas for party themes until she settled on Little Mermaid. It’s one of her favorite movies right now and conveniently includes her favorite pastime, the beach! Once the theme was chosen, onto the invitations. I normally love to do a photo invite but I couldn’t pass up this adorable option on Etsy by ZPartyDesigns, conveniently in the party colors. With an adorable tweak on the wording and a little addition of our address as Ariel’s Grotto, voila this two sided invite was born! 

Little Mermaid invitation

Once the invites were sent in their hot pink envelopes chosen by the birthday girl, it was onto the decorations. The party colors were light pink, aqua, blue, and silver, which made for adorable, sparkly decorations that were very under the sea and very birthday girl. First up was the birthday banner. I couldn’t find a banner that fit the color scheme so I added a DIY birthday banner to my to do list. This was totally doable, a little time consuming yes, but the end result was so beautiful. Plus, the birthday girl got to help with the gluing part which was an added bonus for my eager helper. With some scrapbook paper, glue, and ribbon, and some help from some tiny hands, the birthday banner was made (and now saved in a memory box). 3rdbday

You can’t have a birthday party without some balloons! The life size silver 3 and Ariel were just too cute to pass up and were obvious favorites with the birthday girl, but we also decided to mix in a few aqua and light pink balloons which were perfect play toys for days after (Win for Mommy!). Okay, so we opted for the dessert table in the kitchen this time around so I knew I wanted to make it look as under the sea as possible, equipped with fish, seahorses, and starfish all cut and painted by Mommy and daughter. It was crafting central around here the week of the party, from the birthday banner to the fish, we were busy girls! My toddler had tons of fun painting the fish and I think they added just the right touch to the coral looking garland (And yes, that’s flounder you see in there, Mommy may have painted that one!).

The balloons and fish were great but my favorite part of the decorations was the Big Fringe Garland (idea courtesy of Oh Happy Day). A lot of cutting went into these massive rolls of crepe paper but I can’t help but feel like we’re under the sea with multi colored coral or seaweed flowing around us. Thankfully my husband and I teamed up on this one the night before after the little ones were in bed, cutting either side of each color and then tackling the hanging (that was a project and a half but totally worth it). The end result though we loved, and the next morning when our soon-to-be 3 year old walked into the room she smiled and jumped around in excitement, the best reaction a Mommy could ask for! 

Some big fringe garland, balloons, and a birthday banner decorating the dinner table! A little mix of gluten free tortilla chips, cheese, carrots, and broccoli with definitely not gluten free sandwiches and crackers, don’t worry I kept some safe versions of each of these snacks to the side for myself.  3rdbday (5)

Now onto the sweets, the highlight at least I know for the birthday girl. First up, Mommy made gluten free cupcakes, actually everything free, decorated with love, pearls, and dinglehoppers of course. Even though my little girl can eat gluten, all baking in our house is now strictly gluten free. I on many a holiday and birthday watched the dust from cake mixes or regular flour fly up in the air and I literally cringed thinking about where it was landing, so no more gluten baked goods around here. And with our resident allergy nephew in attendance I decided to just go all the way and make them everything free (gluten, milk, egg, and nuts), And I must say they looked and tasted great thanks to Bob’s Red Mill vanilla cake mix and the applesauce/egg substitution.  3rdbday (1)

Thanks to Pillsbury Gluten Free Funfetti, Mommy and daughter baked some delicious cookies that we could add to the sweet table. This was my first trial with the new mix and I have to say these turned out delicious! They were soft and chewy and reminded me of their regular sugar cookie mix from many years ago. 3rdbday (4)

The piece de la resistance though is this beauty made by Classic Cake Company. The good news though Classic Cake Company could’ve easily and safely made a gluten free version of this amazing cake but my daughter is safe with gluten so we went that route. I absolutely LOVED how this cake turned out! They really take my ideas and turn them into beauty. Now if only I could brave putting together a cake of my own one of these times, that’s a little too scary for me right now with these two little munchkins around but maybe by their 18th birthday I’ll surprise them. Okay so back to the Ariel masterpiece! From the deliciously tall chocolate on chocolate stacked cake and gorgeously made seashells, coral, and starfish to the silver 3 on top that’s shaped like a, yes it’s a fork, (idea courtesy of my dear husband) to my favorite edible Ariel image on the front, every bit of it was just gorgeous and delicious according to the birthday girl herself!  3rdbday (10)

The sparkly, silvery dinglehopper 3 was such an amazing topper, and with those realistic, shiny shells around it, it was such a great combo of under the sea and Little Mermaid.  3rdbday11 (2)

With three tall, pink candles lit and the lights dimmed our curly haired little mermaid was ready for her big moment. A smile from ear to ear and big eyes studying the glowing candles, she waited for her wish patiently and when the time came her little self huffed and puffed (and with Mommy’s help at the end) blew her three candles out. It was a magical moment, one that brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of the little baby that we were celebrating only three years ago.    3rdbday (7)

Dinner, check! Cake, check check! And then the announcement my miniature had been waiting for, “Time for presents!”, her cue to head straight to the family room to start ripping them open, and that she did before anyone else got there. Thankfully she takes her time opening gifts because she only got halfway through her first one when I caught her red handed and paused her for just a few seconds until everyone was in place. And when she was given the official go ahead, nothing could stop her. She was a polite, present opening machine who responded to each and every one with an excited “Oh my gosh!” and huge smile. Responses that are exactly who my little girl is and give her Mommy and Daddy the warmest feeling, reminding us of every ounce of her that is always that sweet. 3rdbday (9)

It was a wonderful party, equipped with two Disney princesses, a lot of fun, and so much love. It was a party I hope she’ll always remember because I certainly know we will. And even though I’m a little sad that we just celebrated our baby’s 3rd birthday, when to us she’s still that squishy newborn, I’m so happy and grateful for the little person that she’s becoming and I couldn’t be a prouder Mommy! 3rdbday10

So to my baby girl who’s not such a baby anymore, 

Your year of 2s have flown by and you’ve changed so quickly from baby to little girl. As you turn 3 very very soon your Daddy and I just wanted to tell you a few things. First, always stay true to who you really are, the smiley, energetic, funny, and loving little girl that you were born to be. God has given you some amazing gifts with a smile and sense of humor that light up a room and a heart that’s bigger than I’ve ever seen. And even though you’re becoming a bigger kid as you say, bear with Mommy and Daddy because we still see you as our first little miracle. No matter how big you get, we’ll always see that sweet little baby staring back at us.

Second, as you turned 2 1/2 this year we gave you a best friend for life, a sister, family that’ll stick by you no matter what, cherish her. You’ve become an amazing big sister, caring for your sweet baby sister with more love than I ever thought you had in that little body. Always love her that way, keep protecting her like you do now when you cover her with a blanket to keep her safe, and always keep her smiling, you light her up with your kisses, your smile, and your love, never stop sharing that.

Finally my sweet baby girl, stay innocent as long as you can. Live in your world of Disney, where magic is real, your best friends are squishy and fuzzy and make perfect bed buddies, and where giving these friends big hugs and kisses live in person is a dream come true. Stay in that world as long as you can my precious baby because it’s a beautiful one. Keep those dreams and all of the magic in your heart always.

Love always,

Your Mommy

Happy 3rd Birthday My Christmas Miracle!



Thanksgiving 2015 Catchup And A New Chapter

Does anyone else know where 2015 has gone? I mean seriously I have a toddler who’s about to turn 3, mind you I feel like she’s still a brand new 2, and a baby girl who’s quickly approaching her 6 month milestone. Where did 2015 go? Oh wait I know to a pregnancy, a birth, a Disney trip, house renovations, potty training my 2 year old, dance classes, adjusting to life with two girls, and here we are, wow it’s been a heck of a year. It is so true when other parents tell you that time passes so quickly when you have kids, I honesty feel like I blinked and this is my life. And even though it’s beyond chaotic at times, it’s my beautiful chaos and I love every second of it.

Lately I added another crazy, chaotic log to the fire by joining up with VitaMom and I’m loving it. Stay tuned to my channel on VitaMom where I’m sharing tons of my favorite mom and mom-to-be tips and tricks like fun pregnancy announcement ideas, favorite gluten free mocktails, and so much more. As far as the future of Gluten Free Mom To Be, bear with me as I find my footing as a mom of two, blogger, and now freelance writer, whew. It’s been an exhausting few months but I see a very bright future for the Gluten Free Mom To Be and I can’t wait to start a new chapter here!

So for now, I wanted to catch you up on our gluten free life over here. From Thanksgiving to my little girl’s 3rd birthday party, it’s been quite a ride the last few weeks and I’m so excited to share it with you. It was an extra special Thanksgiving around here, seeing as it was a certain baby girl’s first Thanksgiving. And even though she didn’t get to taste her first turkey she was dressed in her Thanksgiving finest and was as sweet as pie during the whole festive day, being spoiled by all of the holding for sure. 

It was truly a gluten free feast, a gluten free version of every dish, a dream come true for this mommy! I fearlessly filled my plate and enjoyed every bite. My favorites, well the turkey of course, but I also loved my dad’s mashed cauliflower and crispy stuffing, my deviled eggs, asparagus, cinnamon apples, and my chocolate angel food cake for dessert. And while Mommy and Daddy were stuffing their faces full of Thanksgiving goodness, our toddler was doing the same, shocking us all with her favorites, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and cinnamon apples. It was a wonderful day filled with delicious food and the best company. I’m looking forward to many more Thanksgivings with my new family of four! thanksgiving (1) thanksgiving (2)  



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