Our Impromptu Fall Disney Vaca Can’t Come Soon Enough! T-Minus….

After a summer of packing, inspections, house selling, house buying, renovations, and unpacking, I for one am so excited to welcome fall into our lives. We’re celebrating our very first season in our brand new house! And with renovations completed, and only finishing touchings and decorating to do, it’s definitely starting to feel like home. The kitchen of my dreams has been cooked in, our dining room table has been home to several family dinners, and our toddler has been busy practicing her “Super Feet” as she calls them by running laps downstairs with her little sister, our tiny toddler, chasing behind her. I’m just loving all of these new memories!

The downside with this whole new house thing, lots of baby proofing to do and I mean lots. But aside from the steps, outlets, and sharp edges, our new house is definitely our new home, especially for our oldest. I was so worried about how she’d handle a new house, first day of preschool, and dance all in one, but turns out I have one heck of a little girl because she took it all like a champ. She’s loved every bit of it and couldn’t have made Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy prouder. 

So to reward all of us after such a hectic, stressful, and exhaustion filled few months, we decided to use some of our spare DVC points on a surprise Halloween Disney vaca! We planned this vaca months ago pre-move and thought it would be a fun way to unwind after such a busy summer and now that we’re just two weeks away, we could not be more relieved for our reservation. And even more fun, it’s a total surprise for our two Disney darlings, which I know for our baby the surprise factor isn’t such a big deal but for her older sister, who happens to love surprises and love Disney even more, this couldn’t be more exciting!

Those Disney days are calling my name with all of their amazing food, fun, and family time. I can’t wait to leave the house lists, doctor’s appointments, errand running, and drop offs behind for just a little while to spend some much needed time together, just us four. We’ll see you soon Disney!





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