Get Your Free Disney Planning DVD Today!!!!

And my least favorite part of vacation has arrived, the return. While we love our house, family, and fur baby that we leave behind, leaving Disney World after a week of magic makes the return home so hard. It was an amazing vacation from start to finish and we officially have another Disney darling in our midst. Our sweet baby girl fell in love with the sights, sounds, and tastes that Disney World showed her and I for one can’t wait to see her love grow just like her sister’s. So what do you do whenever you return from an amazing vacation? Yup, start planning your next! And as DVC members we’ve already got our next vaca on the books! Disney

I think my favorite part of Disney vacations is that they’re for the young and young at heart. No matter your age or stage in life Disney’s magic works every time leaving no vacationer without a photo album full of memories. Even pre-babies Dan and I vacationed to Disney, mind you it was a totally different trip with a few less character interactions and a few more Epcot cocktails but even then being Disney kids for a week was right up our alley. We’ve had a lot of people ask us what we love about Disney and why we keep going back and it’s kind of a simple answer. A Disney trip is so much more than just the week your sleeping in a hotel; it’s the year before you’re picking your resort and room out, the months before you’re choosing your dining, the weeks before you’re picking your fastpasses and magic bands, and the days before you’re packing your best Disney attire, and then finally that epic week in the most magical place on earth has arrived. A Disney vacation gives you magical memories from Day 1 of planning and beyond. 

And since Disney World is a labyrinth of fun, food, and festivals they help you plan every detail of your trip. Their free planning DVDs are an amazing guide to what your Disney vacation could look like, from where you could stay and what experiences they offer to which rides you could pick up fastpasses for and the restaurants that you can choose from. Four theme parks, two water parks, over twenty amazingly themed Disney resorts, and over a hundred restaurants, there’s a lot to navigate through and this DVD does a great job in helping with those fun but tough choices. Huge planning helpers yes, but this DVD/online video is even better at building up the anticipation and excitement for your upcoming trip. I just got back and within the first 30 seconds of watching the video I found myself excited for our next vacation. 

So if you’re planning or just counting down until your next Disney vacation, take a look at this planning video. It’s FREE and gets you in the Disney spirit for all that’s in your future!