Our Little Girl Is Growing Up

Happy 1st Dumbo Birthday, Our Smallest Baby!

We’re on the mend! Okay so maybe it’s naive of me but I used to be of the mind, or maybe it was just my positive thinking, that sickies were usually a winter thing. I mean usually our worst colds come in the colder months so I guess statistically that’s true. And sadly, I’ve got a science brain so I’m well aware of how germs work but I blame my false theory on the mommy brain takeover. So what’s with all the sick talk? Well I’m unhappy to report that my girls have officially debunked my theory. That’s right, on the eve of my baby girl’s very first birthday the fever started and we knew we were in for a homebound birthday/week.

8 days, 2 sick girls, viruses, pnuemonia, and antibiotics later and we’re at the eve of a belated birthday day. Tomorrow we’ll pretend that it’s the actually day she’s turning one, presents and cake, the whole nine yards. Thankfully though, pre-sickness we had her big birthday party. I couldn’t think of anything sweeter for my newest Disney daughter than a Dumbo party. After all, Dumbo just so happened to be one of her favorite rides on our Spring trip! baby

My baby’s Dumbo festivities started with this adorable dress that we spotted in Disney. I couldn’t resist and just knew it would be perfect for my sweet angel’s special day. Once we got home and unpacked it was invitation time. I picked my favorite Disney picture of my baby and created an adorable Dumbo Disney postcard, topped off with a Fantasyland address and personalized Baby of Mine wording! DSC_0751

And finally the big day arrived. With tons of pink, mint green, and gold balloons and streamers we decided to go crazy decorating inside and out, after all our house is filled with winter birthdays so we really took advantage of her summer one. I also managed to find two adorable Dumbo prints to add. This top one is the ride poster from Disney that I enlarged and used to welcome everyone. The baby Dumbo we used for one of the games for the older kids, Pin the Feather on the Dumbo! So cute and our toddler and her cousins had the best time playing! DSC_0765

Thanks to a very special Nanny, we used a sweet nursery decoration with Dumbo and a circus tent to decorate our patio table, along with a basket full of water balloons. Between the water balloons and our new sprinkler the kids definitely had a great time, even the birthday girl who got a tiny toe or two wet in the sprinkler!  DSC_0759

Back inside I had the party table all set up with sweets and treats galore, topped off with handmade birthday banners, balloons, and streamers draped to look like a circus tent. Meanwhile outside it was cookout central, hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon, and deviled eggs, everything a good cookout/circus party might need. Party Table

That husband of mine pitched in too and did a fabulous job with the streamers! Looked so good, just like the circus tent!  DSC_0734

And yet again Classic Cake Company did a wonderful job with her birthday cake! A pink hat Dumbo right in the front with Pink and gold Mickey balloons all around, a pink ruffle at the base, gold one on top, and can’t forget the peanuts all around. It was beautiful and I can imagine delicious, judging by her adorable cake face! DSC_0781

I picked up some popcorn containers that reminded of Disney Park originals, some hot roasted peanut bags stuffed with nutter butter cookies, and popcorn containers and gold mason jars that I filled with white and soft yellow carnations all clustered together to look like popcorn. A special touch was the Mickey and Minnie Dumbo salt and pepper shaker along with the pink tickets weaved throughout the table. DSC_0788

And one of my favorite additions was the Dumbo popcorn container straight from Disney, doesn’t get anymore Disney Dumbo than that. With allergy friendly popcorn and animal crackers, even my nephew with food allergies had something to munch on. But I left one more surprise for him in these homemade Dumbo gift bags. DSC_0787

With gray/silver gift bags and lots of pink, mint green, and gray scrapbook paper, I spent a few nap times putting together these adorable treats bags that, if I don’t say so myself, scream Dumbo. And my favorite are the hats which I drew myself! Small step for many but giant leap for this non-artsy sister out of my siblings. I decided to stuff them with a giant bag of Charms cotton candy and classic boxes of animal crackers, both allergy friendly for all!  DSC_0769

Decorations, Dumbo music, and treats aside, look at this beautiful smile. Nothing beats seeing your adorable little baby with a grin ear to ear in her very own set of Minnie ears! Nothing beats watching your baby turn 1 with family around us that love her just as much as we do! It was a beautiful day and I’m so blessed to have this beautiful little girl in my life! DSC_0809




Happy Almost 3rd Birthday My Sweet, Loving Little Girl

The holidays wouldn’t be complete around here without an extra special birthday. Our little Christmas miracle is what we called our first little girl. She was due only a few days after Christmas and made an early appearance days before our favorite holiday. She’s had the biggest heart and smile to match since she was born, and as she turns three very very soon, I can’t help but look back on all of the beautiful moments we’ve shared with such an amazing little person. And now here we are, about to celebrate our first baby girl turning 3 with a little sister by her side. So much has changed and so many amazing memories are being made, I just wish they’d slow down with this whole growing up thing. 

Anyway, to commemorate this momentous day we’ve given our little girl an extra special birthday party that’s just about her. The past few years we’ve had a couple wonderful parties that Mommy and daughter have loved putting together, but this one I think was my favorite so far. Turning 3 meant going from baby to big girl, looking forward to and loving the party idea and let’s just say the presents, well she jumped on opening those the second we announced that it was time. This time around she completely understood the wonderfulness of a birthday party and loved every second of it. From planning to the big day itself, she had a tiny hand in every part and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So without further ado, Come Join Us Under The Sea Because My Little Mermaid Is Turning 3!

Picking a theme was the toughest part. She threw out a few of her favorite ideas for party themes until she settled on Little Mermaid. It’s one of her favorite movies right now and conveniently includes her favorite pastime, the beach! Once the theme was chosen, onto the invitations. I normally love to do a photo invite but I couldn’t pass up this adorable option on Etsy by ZPartyDesigns, conveniently in the party colors. With an adorable tweak on the wording and a little addition of our address as Ariel’s Grotto, voila this two sided invite was born! 

Little Mermaid invitation

Once the invites were sent in their hot pink envelopes chosen by the birthday girl, it was onto the decorations. The party colors were light pink, aqua, blue, and silver, which made for adorable, sparkly decorations that were very under the sea and very birthday girl. First up was the birthday banner. I couldn’t find a banner that fit the color scheme so I added a DIY birthday banner to my to do list. This was totally doable, a little time consuming yes, but the end result was so beautiful. Plus, the birthday girl got to help with the gluing part which was an added bonus for my eager helper. With some scrapbook paper, glue, and ribbon, and some help from some tiny hands, the birthday banner was made (and now saved in a memory box). 3rdbday

You can’t have a birthday party without some balloons! The life size silver 3 and Ariel were just too cute to pass up and were obvious favorites with the birthday girl, but we also decided to mix in a few aqua and light pink balloons which were perfect play toys for days after (Win for Mommy!). Okay, so we opted for the dessert table in the kitchen this time around so I knew I wanted to make it look as under the sea as possible, equipped with fish, seahorses, and starfish all cut and painted by Mommy and daughter. It was crafting central around here the week of the party, from the birthday banner to the fish, we were busy girls! My toddler had tons of fun painting the fish and I think they added just the right touch to the coral looking garland (And yes, that’s flounder you see in there, Mommy may have painted that one!).

The balloons and fish were great but my favorite part of the decorations was the Big Fringe Garland (idea courtesy of Oh Happy Day). A lot of cutting went into these massive rolls of crepe paper but I can’t help but feel like we’re under the sea with multi colored coral or seaweed flowing around us. Thankfully my husband and I teamed up on this one the night before after the little ones were in bed, cutting either side of each color and then tackling the hanging (that was a project and a half but totally worth it). The end result though we loved, and the next morning when our soon-to-be 3 year old walked into the room she smiled and jumped around in excitement, the best reaction a Mommy could ask for! 

Some big fringe garland, balloons, and a birthday banner decorating the dinner table! A little mix of gluten free tortilla chips, cheese, carrots, and broccoli with definitely not gluten free sandwiches and crackers, don’t worry I kept some safe versions of each of these snacks to the side for myself.  3rdbday (5)

Now onto the sweets, the highlight at least I know for the birthday girl. First up, Mommy made gluten free cupcakes, actually everything free, decorated with love, pearls, and dinglehoppers of course. Even though my little girl can eat gluten, all baking in our house is now strictly gluten free. I on many a holiday and birthday watched the dust from cake mixes or regular flour fly up in the air and I literally cringed thinking about where it was landing, so no more gluten baked goods around here. And with our resident allergy nephew in attendance I decided to just go all the way and make them everything free (gluten, milk, egg, and nuts), And I must say they looked and tasted great thanks to Bob’s Red Mill vanilla cake mix and the applesauce/egg substitution.  3rdbday (1)

Thanks to Pillsbury Gluten Free Funfetti, Mommy and daughter baked some delicious cookies that we could add to the sweet table. This was my first trial with the new mix and I have to say these turned out delicious! They were soft and chewy and reminded me of their regular sugar cookie mix from many years ago. 3rdbday (4)

The piece de la resistance though is this beauty made by Classic Cake Company. The good news though Classic Cake Company could’ve easily and safely made a gluten free version of this amazing cake but my daughter is safe with gluten so we went that route. I absolutely LOVED how this cake turned out! They really take my ideas and turn them into beauty. Now if only I could brave putting together a cake of my own one of these times, that’s a little too scary for me right now with these two little munchkins around but maybe by their 18th birthday I’ll surprise them. Okay so back to the Ariel masterpiece! From the deliciously tall chocolate on chocolate stacked cake and gorgeously made seashells, coral, and starfish to the silver 3 on top that’s shaped like a, yes it’s a fork, (idea courtesy of my dear husband) to my favorite edible Ariel image on the front, every bit of it was just gorgeous and delicious according to the birthday girl herself!  3rdbday (10)

The sparkly, silvery dinglehopper 3 was such an amazing topper, and with those realistic, shiny shells around it, it was such a great combo of under the sea and Little Mermaid.  3rdbday11 (2)

With three tall, pink candles lit and the lights dimmed our curly haired little mermaid was ready for her big moment. A smile from ear to ear and big eyes studying the glowing candles, she waited for her wish patiently and when the time came her little self huffed and puffed (and with Mommy’s help at the end) blew her three candles out. It was a magical moment, one that brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of the little baby that we were celebrating only three years ago.    3rdbday (7)

Dinner, check! Cake, check check! And then the announcement my miniature had been waiting for, “Time for presents!”, her cue to head straight to the family room to start ripping them open, and that she did before anyone else got there. Thankfully she takes her time opening gifts because she only got halfway through her first one when I caught her red handed and paused her for just a few seconds until everyone was in place. And when she was given the official go ahead, nothing could stop her. She was a polite, present opening machine who responded to each and every one with an excited “Oh my gosh!” and huge smile. Responses that are exactly who my little girl is and give her Mommy and Daddy the warmest feeling, reminding us of every ounce of her that is always that sweet. 3rdbday (9)

It was a wonderful party, equipped with two Disney princesses, a lot of fun, and so much love. It was a party I hope she’ll always remember because I certainly know we will. And even though I’m a little sad that we just celebrated our baby’s 3rd birthday, when to us she’s still that squishy newborn, I’m so happy and grateful for the little person that she’s becoming and I couldn’t be a prouder Mommy! 3rdbday10

So to my baby girl who’s not such a baby anymore, 

Your year of 2s have flown by and you’ve changed so quickly from baby to little girl. As you turn 3 very very soon your Daddy and I just wanted to tell you a few things. First, always stay true to who you really are, the smiley, energetic, funny, and loving little girl that you were born to be. God has given you some amazing gifts with a smile and sense of humor that light up a room and a heart that’s bigger than I’ve ever seen. And even though you’re becoming a bigger kid as you say, bear with Mommy and Daddy because we still see you as our first little miracle. No matter how big you get, we’ll always see that sweet little baby staring back at us.

Second, as you turned 2 1/2 this year we gave you a best friend for life, a sister, family that’ll stick by you no matter what, cherish her. You’ve become an amazing big sister, caring for your sweet baby sister with more love than I ever thought you had in that little body. Always love her that way, keep protecting her like you do now when you cover her with a blanket to keep her safe, and always keep her smiling, you light her up with your kisses, your smile, and your love, never stop sharing that.

Finally my sweet baby girl, stay innocent as long as you can. Live in your world of Disney, where magic is real, your best friends are squishy and fuzzy and make perfect bed buddies, and where giving these friends big hugs and kisses live in person is a dream come true. Stay in that world as long as you can my precious baby because it’s a beautiful one. Keep those dreams and all of the magic in your heart always.

Love always,

Your Mommy

Happy 3rd Birthday My Christmas Miracle!



Baby #2 Is Still Snug In Mommy’s Belly But A Certain Big Girl Can’t Wait To Be A Big Sister!

As much as this pregnancy seems to have chugged along, now staring at the finish line in clear view I can’t believe I’m midway through my 36th week. We’ve reached the point where it could be days or it could be weeks until our little one wants to make her arrival but as of now the plan still stands for a vbac. And while I couldn’t be more nervous about the unknown of what’s to come, I am more than ready to give birth to this little girl. So for now it’s a waiting game with lots of anticipation, nerves, and excitement for all.

While we wait for Baby #2 to make her grand debut, our hot early summer days are mostly filled with some cool movie and puzzle time inside, occasional walks, and water play in any form. And with so much change in store for all of us I can’t help but admire my little girl for really stepping into her big sister role. She’s become Mommy’s biggest helper these days especially as my belly grows and I’m not quite as limber as I once was. But some of my favorite big sister/ big girl moments are when she eagerly helps in the nursery getting things ready, reminds Mommy that she has to go to the doctor again to get the baby checked or the little doctor herself steps in to do it, and how she proudly shows off her big girl status in every way from being potty trained to fully embracing the move to her big girl room. We’re certainly lucky to be able to call this little girl our baby and it’s just unimaginable how much sweeter life will get in just a short while.  

For now though, I thought I’d show off all of a certain little girl’s big girl room that she’s so proud of. Not too long ago when the official move happened I gave you a glimpse into this labor of love, which you should check out again for all of the details, but now with all of the finishing touches up I thought I’d share a finished product. So with a little drum roll I’d like to present our little girl’s big girl room with all of the finishing touches!

A white, tufted big girl bed dressed up in lilac bedding and special shape pillows (don’t worry the toddler rails are hidden on the sides of the bed, with this mover and shaker we needed them)!

Gorgeous lilac bedding thanks to RH Baby And Child.
Gorgeous lilac bedding thanks to RH Baby And Child.

A light aqua wall was a perfect alternative to your typical girly colors especially with the grey Moroccan rug.

A big girl bed with all of the fixings including some hidden toddler rails on the sides.
Love the aqua walls with the grey Moroccan rug and purple acents everywhere.

Ah, one of my favorites! This Ikea dresser is a great piece of furniture in and of itself with its perfect size and tons of space, but thanks to some gold spray paint and these special overlays we turned this already great dresser into a one of a kind piece of furniture fit for a big girl!

A revamped Ikea dresser with a few overlays and some spray paint!
A revamped Ikea dresser with a few overlays and some spray paint!

A beautiful, miniature white chandelier equipped with crystals and flowers.

A miniature chandelier with flowers and crystals galore.
A miniature chandelier with flowers and crystals galore.

One of my favorite personal touches were her purple painted letters with scrapbooking flowers that the big girl herself picked out to be attached.

Lilac letters with floral accents.
Lilac letters with floral accents.

White, gold, and purple frames add just the right touch to the aqua walls.

Everyone that knows me knows that I love pictures. I take a million every vacation and thousands in-between so we always have tons to choose from when it comes time to decorate our walls. So when decorating time rolled around for this special bedroom I knew that I wanted to add some very special moments to our little one’s walls. One do it yourself item I created special just for her where these sparkly, gold princess silhouettes of three of her favorite Disney characters, Snow White, Ariel, and Tinker Bell. After picking out the perfect image, I simply traced each of them on scrapbooking paper, cut, and then pasted on a pretty, purple paisley scrapbooking page that I then cut down to size for the frames. And voila, a little special Disney accent for our very own princess! When it came time for all of the frames, well I turned immediately to Kohls since they had a great sale going on and a huge selection of the white, gold, purple, and grey color scheme I was looking for. Without too much trouble, I picked out my favorites, arranged them in these gallery style arrangements, and added just the right pictures that remind our little one of some very special memories!

Big Girl Room (3)
Some pictures of family memories with a little Disney fun is just what this big girl room needed.

A floral, lilac canopy, perfect for a little reading/napping nook or for now, a tea table to play with friends.

I LOVE this canopy! I knew before we even started working on the room that I wanted to get either a tent or canopy to add a little special touch that would be right up her alley and let me say RH Baby & Child did not disappoint in this department. This canopy is easily mounted from the ceiling and its delicately draped fabric and light floral pattern makes for the perfect addition to this big girl room. 

Big Girl Room (7)
A floral, lilac canopy by RH Baby & Child gave just the right special touch to this big girl room.

White, floral floor length curtains hanging from gold curtain rods were just the right touch. 

Curtains are by far the bane of my existence, usually being the last piece that I worry about in our rooms mostly because they’re the most irritating for me to purchase. Okay, so my biggest gripe is that everywhere sells curtains as a single panel which for one window usually means you can just take that price and multiply by two since typically you need two panels per window. Putting that aside though I struck gold when we made our big trip up to Ikea for the dresser and I found these white curtains that were sold for a great price, and as a pair too, imagine that! Before we hung these beauties, we decided to take the rods that we already had in the room and spray them gold to match the dresser overlays and handles which really added a finishing touch! 

Big Girl Room (6)
White, sheer Ikea curtains that not only were a perfect look but a great buy too!

A tiny tea table that will host many a tea party with our little girl and her friends!

And this was our yard sale find! We picked up this table which was a dark cherry color for only $35, a far cry from my favorites on Pottery Barn that will cost you a good $400 or so, and after quite a few coats of white paint we had a delicate little play table that fits nicely under her canopy. I contemplated adding a little gold or lilac accent which may or may not come down the road but for now the crisp, white table as is is a nice addition to the big girl room!

Big Girl Room (8)
A white play table perfect for tea parties and so much more fun!

To say our little girl is happy in her new room would probably be a massive understatement. It makes me so happy that our little one has truly fallen in love with her new room and shows it off with such pride. I think I accomplished exactly what I wanted, while staying well within budget I’d like to add, in that we were able to create a new space that made our little girl feel just as special during this huge time of change and also give her that big girl feeling. And even though in our many ventures back into the nursery or “tiny bedroom” as she calls it I see her peering with some confusion back into her once toddler bed that now is converted back into the crib, I know that she loves the fun and freedom that she has in her big girl bed, especially the jumping that makes Mommy very nervous. 

So for the days and maybe weeks until Baby #2 arrives we’ll keep enjoying our growing girl and watching her become more and more aware of her impending big sister status. With her understanding being just that of a 2 1/2 year old she may not quite get all that is going to come along with this new arrival but I have no doubt in my mind that our big girl, that has grown so much in such a short time who loves everyone around her and doesn’t hesitate to show it, will do just the same with her little sister. I know that she’ll be just as lovingly helpful with her little sister as she is with her Mommy and will walk away from every task with the prideful smile from ear to ear just as a big sister should.


Lindsay (36 weeks) 


Our Big Girl Has Made The Move To Her New Bedroom While Mommy Turns Into Her 30th Week!

Well the big move is finally upon us. With the walls painted (and aired out excessively to appease this mommy-to-be’s sensitive sense of smell haha), the dresser put together with some added personal flair, and the canopy hung in just the right spot, all that’s left to do is hem the curtains and hang some decor but nothing that keeps our little one from getting a jump on her new sleeping arrangements. We finally took the plunge and introduced her to her new abode for her Sunday afternoon nap but as could be expected the transition wasn’t completely seamless. 

Our little one loved her Bambi nursery. She felt comfortable in her toddler version of her crib with her friends all piled in around her. She knew exactly where her skirts were in her dresser and how to squeeze them out through the childproof locked hole. It was her home for over two years and now with the arrival of her little sister looming around the corner it was time to move into the room she’s been eyeing up and playing in the past two months. As her mommy I’m trying to tackle this nagging feeling of guilt that I’m sure every mommy of one with another on the way feels and that’s partly why I wanted to create a really special new space that was suited just for her. 

30 Weeks with my little girl pretending to be Mommy!
30 Weeks with my little girl pretending to be Mommy!

It’s been a labor of love for sure but after a few short weekends of work, a special little bedroom has been created for our soon-to-be big sister and she’s loving it. She loves having tea at her little tea table, hiding underneath her floral canopy, snuggling with her special shape pillows on her big girl bed, and even putting laundry away with mommy in her new dresser and closet. All of the fun that she’s having in her new room is so sweet and special to see especially since day 1 of sleeping didn’t go so well. 

We started out with a nap thinking that might be a bit easier than bedtime and boy were we wrong. After happily putting her in bed, the second we started walking away we had a little girl chasing behind us in complete terror. So we snuggled up next to her in bed and talked to her about how fun it is to be a big girl now, fending off the occasional question to go back to the “tiny baby bedroom” as she calls the nursery. It broke my heart to see how sad she was but I had a glimmer of hope when she eventually fell asleep for her first successful nap. Our big girl has certainly done us proud though because only one nighttime rest later and she was happily sleeping in her new room.

So what’s our little girl’s favorite part of her new bedroom? She seems to love every bit which makes me so happy but I’ll share some of her highlights.

A big girl bed fit for a soon-to-be big sister!

We thought this upholstered headboard from Target was just perfect for our growing girl and it just so happened to fit our budget even better. But a transition to a bigger bed wouldn’t be complete without the guard rails along the sides. We picked up a two pack at Babies R’ Us and put them on either side sans comforter for now until she gets used to the bigger and higher space. So far so good, excluding the solo falling out of bed incident the other day during nap time which I knew was bound to happen since my little girl is quite the mover, always flopping from end to end in her baby bed. Thank goodness for the Moroccan Trellis rug from RugsUSA because even though it looks fantastic it will surely give some extra padding for accidental tumbles.

A big girl bed with all of the fixings including some hidden toddler rails on the sides.
A big girl bed with all of the fixings including some hidden toddler rails on the sides.

Bedding and pillows in someone’s favorite color are probably one of her favorite parts!

We picked up the comforter and pillows from RH Baby & Child for a great deal after Christmas and we paired it all with a Target clearance pair of purple flowered sheets that match really well! The favorites by far out of this set though are the shape pillows, so much so that little one hopped down out of bed in the middle of the night to pick up the two pillows that I put down at the bottom as a just-in-case cushion for a fall. She loves to snuggle with the velvet shapes with the heart being her number one even using it to say I love you to her mommy. 

Gorgeous lilac bedding thanks to RH Baby And Child.
Gorgeous lilac bedding thanks to RH Baby And Child.

A new look for her name, with a little creative help from the big girl herself!

These letters hung proudly above her crib in pink for quite some time but we knew we wanted to still include them in her new room with a new look. So I scoured all of the craft stores for just the right purple spray paint and found this gorgeous lilac at Joann’s. To add a little something extra too I thought I could glue some flowers to the letters themselves, so with little one in tow we picked out a multipack of flowers in different patterns and shapes that seemed to go with the paint color perfectly, great choice little one!

Lilac letters with floral accents.
Lilac letters with floral accents.

What a difference changing a light makes!

The addition of this cute little chandelier from Kohls was perfect and I’m so glad we decided to swap out the ceiling fan for this one. The smaller size and lighter features of this light are perfectly suited for the smaller room making it much lighter, brighter, and a lot more girly too!

A miniature chandelier with flowers and crystals galore.
A miniature chandelier with flowers and crystals galore.

A little twist on an Ikea dresser makes it that much more special! 

After doing our fair share of furniture shopping over the years we’ve gotten a pretty good idea of how expensive bedroom sets can be, hence why we tried to piecemeal her room as much as possible. Going with the single headboard from Target and a BJs bed frame was a great move to downsize on the cost there but dressers seem to be expensive no matter where you go. So after some scouring online we finally found a reasonable fit for our budget and as a bonus, one that we could tweak a little to make it a little more unique. We decided on a white Hemnes dresser from Ikea that was comparable if not bigger than her dresser in the nursery and we knew we wanted to add a personal touch to it in some way. I came across this fantastic company called o’verlays who sell kits of different wooden cutouts to attach to all different Ikea pieces, a genius idea in my opinion. So we ordered the Jasmine kit, spray painted the overlays and all of the knobs a shiny gold, and voila, a new dresser was born! This is one of Mommy’s favorites!

A revamped Ikea dresser with a few overlays and some spray paint!
A revamped Ikea dresser with a few overlays and some spray paint!

For now those are just some of the highlights from the room but I’ll be sure to share the final product in all of it’s decorated glory once the odds and ends are tied together. I just picked a mixture of white, gold, and lilac frames to hang up, along with hemming the curtains, and a little idea I have to tweak the play table once more. I just loved putting this room together for my little best friend and it makes me even happier that she loves it just as much as we do.

For a little pregnancy update, I’m 30 weeks now and baby and mommy are doing pretty well. Mommy has been feeling pretty sick again with lots of acid reflux, so some daily Zantac is a must, along with some nausea and a very picky appetite again but other than that I’m doing pretty well. We took little one to my appointment this week to hear her sister’s heartbeat for the first time and boy was she in shock. I’m pretty sure she didn’t quite get the concept of a heartbeat but an adorable excited grin spread across her face as she heard the rhythmic thumping. I’m so excited for her to meet this little girl and finally see what we’ve been talking about all of the time. But for now I’m in the midst of meeting with the anesthiologist like I had to with my first pregnancy to go over things beforehand in terms of safety with my venous angioma. I’m not a huge fan at all of these added meetings but they’re a must for me so no negotiations there, I just wish they didn’t cause even more anxiety about the big day but that’s inevitable. More updates will come after our meeting with the anesthiologist next week and a few bump pictures as well!


Lindsay (30 weeks) 

The Big Move Is Only A Few Weeks Away

No, we’re not moving but our little girl will very soon be moving into her big girl room. Since we’ve gotten back from Disney we’ve definitely made some progress in there. The less fun stuff is done like spackling, sanding, and painting, yay! And now it’s finally starting to look like a finished bedroom with painted walls, a new rug down, and a bed assembled. One of my favorite additions though to her room is her new light. When the room was just an office we opted for a neutral, wooden ceiling fan. We like the versatility of a ceiling fan so it seemed like a good fit for the office at the time but size wise it was just too big and hung too low in our smaller room. So much to my husband’s dismay I wanted to replace it with a brighter, lighter light when it became a potential big girl bedroom.

I’ve always loved the delicate, crystal mini chandeliers that I’ve seen in nurseries and bedrooms, like this one on my inspiration board. When I first starting looking for something like this one I was absolutely shocked at how expensive they could be. Don’t get me wrong I’m well aware of how pricey light fixtures are in general but seeing as my intention was only to get a small, pretty light for a little girl’s room not install a fancy, massive crystal chandelier I was definitely taken aback at how much even little chandeliers could be. I scoped out every in store and online option there was and had pretty much settled on keeping our ceiling fan when I finally stumbled upon a few really great options at Kohls oddly enough.  

Gorgeous mini chandelier, perfect for any bedroom!
Gorgeous mini chandelier, perfect for any bedroom!

Kohls had a couple different chandelier options that were perfect both in size and price but we finally settled on this white, crystal mini chandelier. It was exactly what we were looking for, small enough to not hang too low in the room, equipped with enough wattage to actually produce some light, and the perfect delicate look that I wanted for her room. What we loved most though about the light fixture was the price along with the 30% discount we had and then $10 Kohls cash that we got back. After not too long the light arrived and it was installed in no time by daddy himself. It looks amazing and is a perfect finishing touch to the room.

So with some of the bigger projects done our little one has started to safely venture into her new domain and seems to really like it. Although she probably thinks she’s now getting two bedrooms I think she’ll really enjoy the bigger space, especially once the fun features are added in there. So what’s left to do before the big move? Well, we picked up a new dresser which I’ll fill you in on later, we have to hang her canopy, stain or paint or play table, pick up bed rails and a waterproof sheet (yay potty training!), and then add some finishing touches here and there. We’re almost there!


Lindsay (26 weeks) 


A Special Little Surprise For Our Soon-To-Be Big Sister

As our little girl’s new room begins to take shape, it’s beginning to feel so surreal that we’ll one day soon have two little ones running around together. Only last week we found out who our Baby #2 is and we couldn’t be more happy and excited to welcome he or she into our family and into this world. Curious who our little one might be? No worries, with Disney right around the corner I thought it would extra special to make our announcement then and there, so only a bit longer until the big reveal. Until then, I’ve added one more really fun feature to the big girl room that I think a certain somebody will really enjoy.

Floral Canopy Tent
Floral Canopy Tent

The past few weeks my little girl has really started to get into hide and seek and fort making. As a new two, we’re not the best at the hiding concept, usually revealing herself with a giggle or jumping out from a hiding spot, but loving the game just the same. I had thought about adding a little teepee or tent to her big girl room that could be her little nook for playing, hiding, or even taking a little nap if mommy gets lucky. It took awhile to find just the right one that I thought would suit her perfectly without breaking mommy and daddy’s budget but I’ve finally found it. I picked out this ceiling mounted lilac floral canopy that I thought would make a really fun space for our new hider that she could play with her stuffed friends and maybe mommy too. We were able to snatch one of these gorgeous canopies from RH Baby & Child during their amazing winter sale event while happily staying in budget. I can’t wait to see it all set up live and in person but just through the packaging I can tell that it’s going to be well loved.

Even though the future big girl room is right now just a storage space, come spring my little girl’s new room will take shape and we’ll be moving her in so we can tweak the nursery to be baby friendly once again. In the meantime, we’re letting her keep a few toys in there and play from time to time so she gets used to the idea that it’s hers. When it comes time for the big reveal I think our little girl will feel all of the love that went into her new room and hopefully feel just as special as we had hoped she would as she becomes a big sister.


Lindsay (19 weeks)


What’s A New Room Without A DIY Project: Transformation Tea Table And Chairs Is On Our List!

When I first started imagining my baby girl in her very own big girl room I first had to get over the shock that this little baby girl that we had brought home from the hospital not too long ago would be moving out of the nursery and into her very own special space. After getting a handle on that overwhelming thought, I couldn’t help but get excited about the project ahead. With a toddler who just loves to play 24/7 I knew that I wanted to keep it simple when it came to toys in her actual room. After all, right now, we literally only have a container of stuffed animals or “friends” that she absolutely loves and plays with when she’s in her room but they don’t really detract away from the main mission of being in there for nap time or bed time. When we had a few other things it was play time central so we had to clean house and simplify her room so sleeping was still the main focus of the bedroom. So as far as toys and play things in her big girl room, we’re keeping it simple and adding a few things that will definitely make it special.

Play Table
Adorable play table with farmhouse chairs!

Last Christmas Santa brought our little girl a princess tea set and ever since she’s been making tea for anyone and everyone that stops by. It’s no surprise than that one of the first things that I knew I wanted to include in her big girl room was a little tea table that she could enjoy now and for years to come, it truly would be a perfect addition to her new room. After a little scoping on pinterest, I knew that I wanted to go with a Pottery Barn/ Land of Nod inspired set with farmhouse chairs or something of that nature that was good quality and had some pretty details to it. Contrary to what I imagined though, kiddie tables and chairs can literally cost as much as a normal sized kitchen table and chairs, which is a bit extravagant for our budget for her big girl room. So it was back to the drawing board and the searching online continued. 

After searching high and low for a good deal without any success I all but gave up on this first idea, until that is I came upon a gorgeous set on a yard sale site resembling the adorable table and chairs in the picture above. It was a beautifully made round table with four mini farmhouse chairs that with a little tender, love, and care and our own personal flair would make a certain little girl very happy, not to mention we managed to snatch it up for $35 making mommy and daddy even happier. No the table and chairs don’t look quite like those in the picture above yet but once we decide if we should paint everything white or do a cool stain we’ll have a gorgeous tea table on our hands. Stay tuned for the tea table renovation!


Lindsay (17 weeks)


Now A Certain Little Girl’s Big Girl Room Is Going To Be Nice And Cozy! Area Rug: Check!

Anyone that has purchased area rugs knows that they can be enormously expensive. It’s a horrible process and I literally loathe the search, but it is a necessarily evil when you have hard wood floors throughout your house and little toddler/baby feet roaming everywhere. In the past we’ve had pretty good luck spotting decent deals on large area rugs at Home Depot or Lowes, with the only downside ever being that they have very few choices in store and you have to resort to crossing your fingers and hoping for the best ordering off their website. But it really has been just that, luck; it’s a hit or miss process and unfortunately at this time we were struggling to find a great deal for an 8 x 10 rug for my daughter’s new room. 

As you probably have caught on to by now (check out my inspiration board for all of our ideas), our hope was to do a more neutral rug that could be versatile enough and last her through a couple of room colors/themes over the years. So to go with the lavender, aqua, and white color combination we’ve been leaning towards a gray rug. Little did we know that gray rugs are tremendously expensive, especially in 8 x 10 sizes. However, this bargain hunting mommy-to-be has been combing website after website and finally spotted a great deal on a quality area rug that not only fit the bill price wise but was the exact look and color we were after. 

Beautiful rug that's a perfect addition to a big girl room!
Beautiful Moroccan rug that’s going to make my little girl’s big girl room nice and cozy!

We ended up grabbing one of these soft and cozy Homespun Moroccan Trellis Rugs off of Rugs USA. I’m always a little hesitant ordering things online, especially things like rugs that you really want to see the color and feel the texture of before purchasing. Unfortunately, it seems like everything is online now so we kind of had to take a chance and hope for the best. I fell in love with the Moroccan pattern on the rug and just knew the simplicity of it and the neutral color option would be perfect in her new room. The only question we were left with was what color to actually go with. Thankfully, there were thousands of reviews that guided us away from the actual gray rug that had a bluish hew and to go with the tan rug that ended up looking more gray, yay for customer reviews!

Luckily we were able to take advantage of a winter sale and we ended up grabbing this rug for a fantastic price as far as 8 x 10s go not to mention we had a bonus of free shipping too! So after a little waiting our rug had arrived and little one helped mommy unwrap it to see what it looked like in person. Good choice going with the tan color and even better with the beautiful pattern which looks even more gorgeous in person. I even asked what little one thought and she very simply stated as she pitter pattered across “I like it” (she’s such a little person now!). The only downside is the stink; I’m very sensitive to any kind of smells, and what I’ve noticed with a couple of things that we’ve gotten shipped is that sometimes the packaging can have a really funky smell, as was the case with the rug. So we unrolled it in the spare room, aka little one’s future big girl room, and cracked a window and turned on the fan to air it out. It took a few days but the smell is gone and fits perfectly in the room!

As you can see, things are moving along in the transition to a big girl room, slowly but surely. All of the planning and purchasing is certainly getting us more and more excited for our new arrival. And as far as the actual baby that’s on its way, well we’ll be hearing he or she today at our 16 week appointment and I’ll finally be sharing my 16 week picture tomorrow! Lots of fun things going on over here so stay tuned!


Lindsay (16 weeks)

And The Transformation Begins! Big Girl Bed: Check!

As Baby #2 cooks away, we’re busy getting our little girl ready to be a big sister in more ways than one. First up, is creating her special space in her big girl room. I already gave you a glimpse into my ideas for her new room through my Big Girl Room Inspiration Board, but now some of them are actually coming to fruition. 

One of my favorite new additions is this gorgeous white tufted headboard. To save on costs of furniture, seeing as new bedroom sets from the furniture stores can set you back up to $1000 when all is said and done, we decided on piecemealing with different pieces from all over. I instantly fell in love with this soft and squishy tufted headboard from Target that just screams my little girl’s name. I kept an eye out for the best sale on the headboard and surely found it pre-holiday when it was discounted almost 50% and was accompanied by free shipping. That great deal along with a cheap universal bed frame from BJs made for the perfect starter to her big girl room. All together, it was a much more cost efficient option than some of the others I considered, yay for this mommy-to-be!

White Tufted Headboard
White Tufted Headboard

I can just picture this beautiful headboard with lavender colored bedding fluffed on top of it and my little girl snuggled down inside like a big girl. Hard to believe she’ll no longer be a crib baby but truth be told she’s been in the conversion toddler bed since her gymnastics moves shined through just shy of 18 months, so she’s more than ready for the big move in that sense. Time is certainly ticking away before the biggest change happens but we’re savoring every moment, every holiday, and every adventure before we start creating some as a family of four. 


Lindsay (15 weeks)

Just an update on my pregnancy, I decided with the holiday setting me back a few weeks of pictures to just wait to start fresh at 16 weeks which is next week. So stay tuned then to see how my bump has grown! 

A Big Girl Room Is In The Making For A Soon-To-Be Big Sister!

Even before we found out that we were expecting, the idea of creating a beautiful big girl room for my baby had been floating around for awhile. The plan is to move our little girl out of the Bambi nursery and into her very special big girl room prior to when the new baby arrives. A new room and a new sister or brother is a whole lot of transition for our precious 2 year old so we wanted to create a new room that fits our little girl perfectly and introduce her to it before she meets her sibling.

We could have definitely walked the path of a character room, but I’ll be honest, Disney is floating around in our house everywhere so I wanted to really have her room as a room that she could be 2 and then 3 and then 4, and really grow up in. So as of right now the new oasis for our little girl is presently what’s left of our once home office. We wanted to do the room renovation in the most price conscious way possible since we have a new baby on the way so we started a little savings on the side for this project, putting odds and ends from yard sales in the pot. As of right now we have a good amount to work with but I’m a bargain hunter to the core so I’ll scout out the best deal possible and then snatch it up. 

Thus far, I’m at the beginning of planning but I have collected a few things for the room as I’ve seen them. So without further ado, I wanted to share what my plan was for the big sister-to-be through this Polyvore inspiration board.

A Big Girl Room Is On Its Way For A Soon-To-Be Big Sister!
A Big Girl Room Is On Its Way For A Soon-To-Be Big Sister!

Hands down, my little girl’s favorite identifiable color is purple so I knew I wanted to incorporate purple into the room somehow without everything being purple. So I was thinking on doing a light aqua wall with purple accents in the room and a more neutral light gray rug that could work down the road with lots of different color combinations. As far as the furniture, I’m a huge fan of white furniture, especially for a little girl’s bedroom, so we’re doing a white tufted bed, dresser, curtains, and a very special tea table. I love the play tables on Pottery Barn and Land of Nod but they’re tremendously expensive so we snagged a perfect one with tons of character from a sale site and plan on either painting it white or staining it, either way it’ll be such a cute addition to the room for her to have her tea parties that she loves with all of her stuffed animal friends.

One of my favorite additions to the room is a big surprise for her that we plan on kind of gifting to her as she becomes a big sister and that’s a little play house area in the room. I’ve seen tons of these adorable teepees and canopies that make perfect little play or reading corners in a bedroom. I knew when we were in talks about the big girl room that this would make her feel like her room is really hers and it’s an extra special space created just for her. Another addition that I wanted for the room was a weathered/distressed end table. I snatched the perfect one up at Target for a fantastic clearance price, but I just have to see height wise if it works in the finished room. Finally, as far as lighting, we have a wooden ceiling fan in there as of now and it may remain depending on if we can find anything out there for a good price like the one in the inspiration board. Lighting is so expensive and we like the addition of a ceiling fan in the bedrooms so we’re not too hard pressed to replace what we already have but we’ll see.

I hope you enjoyed a small glimpse into my little girl’s transition to becoming a big sister. We’ve got the ball rolling for sure and it brings tears to my eyes knowing she won’t be in the nursery anymore as our baby but I knew after she dismounted unexpectedly out of her crib at only 15 months that the baby days were on their way out quickly. Truth is she’ll always be my baby but watching her become an older sibling and pour all of her love into her new lifelong friend will make my heart grow one more size.

As a mommy and mommy-to-be I just love sharing this phase of life so I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how her room is coming!


Lindsay (14 weeks)


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