The Big Move Is Only A Few Weeks Away

No, we’re not moving but our little girl will very soon be moving into her big girl room. Since we’ve gotten back from Disney we’ve definitely made some progress in there. The less fun stuff is done like spackling, sanding, and painting, yay! And now it’s finally starting to look like a finished bedroom with painted walls, a new rug down, and a bed assembled. One of my favorite additions though to her room is her new light. When the room was just an office we opted for a neutral, wooden ceiling fan. We like the versatility of a ceiling fan so it seemed like a good fit for the office at the time but size wise it was just too big and hung too low in our smaller room. So much to my husband’s dismay I wanted to replace it with a brighter, lighter light when it became a potential big girl bedroom.

I’ve always loved the delicate, crystal mini chandeliers that I’ve seen in nurseries and bedrooms, like this one on my inspiration board. When I first starting looking for something like this one I was absolutely shocked at how expensive they could be. Don’t get me wrong I’m well aware of how pricey light fixtures are in general but seeing as my intention was only to get a small, pretty light for a little girl’s room not install a fancy, massive crystal chandelier I was definitely taken aback at how much even little chandeliers could be. I scoped out every in store and online option there was and had pretty much settled on keeping our ceiling fan when I finally stumbled upon a few really great options at Kohls oddly enough.  

Gorgeous mini chandelier, perfect for any bedroom!
Gorgeous mini chandelier, perfect for any bedroom!

Kohls had a couple different chandelier options that were perfect both in size and price but we finally settled on this white, crystal mini chandelier. It was exactly what we were looking for, small enough to not hang too low in the room, equipped with enough wattage to actually produce some light, and the perfect delicate look that I wanted for her room. What we loved most though about the light fixture was the price along with the 30% discount we had and then $10 Kohls cash that we got back. After not too long the light arrived and it was installed in no time by daddy himself. It looks amazing and is a perfect finishing touch to the room.

So with some of the bigger projects done our little one has started to safely venture into her new domain and seems to really like it. Although she probably thinks she’s now getting two bedrooms I think she’ll really enjoy the bigger space, especially once the fun features are added in there. So what’s left to do before the big move? Well, we picked up a new dresser which I’ll fill you in on later, we have to hang her canopy, stain or paint or play table, pick up bed rails and a waterproof sheet (yay potty training!), and then add some finishing touches here and there. We’re almost there!


Lindsay (26 weeks) 


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