We Did It! We Survived A Day In Hollywood Studios!


So after one of our favorite dinners on our summer Disney vacation, you know the gluten free fried chicken that captured my heart, it was time for our day in Hollywood Studios. We finally survived a full day in this park after a few others in the past that didn’t quite go as planned. Check out my guest post on Sarah’s Gluten Free & Dairy Free WDW blog to hear all about our day, from the Frozen Summer event to our first lunch at Studio Catering Co.!



Gluten Free Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Bagel Chips, Crackers, And Toaster Pastries, No This Isn’t A Wish List, These Actually Exist Thanks To Glutino!


Glutino is of the biggest gluten free companies out there! They offer tons of different gluten free groceries that fill each and every nook and cranny of your diet. Thanks to them, I’ve been able to add a few unique items back into my diet, somethings I thought I’d never taste again since going gluten free. Some of the most unique products by Glutino, and some of my personal favorites, include their Chocolate Covered Pretzels (and a yogurt version too!), Parmesan Garlic Bagel Chips (these are perfect in my favorite appetizer, don’t worry I’ll introduce you one day soon), Vegetable Crackers, and drumroll please for the last one, Toaster Pastries, that’s right their gluten free version of Pop Tarts. (more…)

Finally Tasted Gluten Free Fried Chicken Thanks To 50s Prime Time Cafe

After a great day in Epcot, we headed over to Hollywood Studios for dinner. On our travels, nestled snug in my arms, little one fell asleep for a much needed nap, and I have to admit that I wished I could fall asleep along with her too. Soon enough though we pulled up at the bus stop and quickly unloaded. It was back into the stroller for our little girl and thankfully the transition didn’t wake her up. (more…)

Deliciously Gluten Free Lunch For Just Us Three at Epcot’s Tutto Gusto

As the second day of our vacation rolled around so did our time at Epcot. We love our days and nights at Epcot, with the amazing food and drinks, the feeling of all of the different cultures around you, and some fantastic rides scattered in there too. We had big plans for this day in Epcot, an early start at Soarin’, then meeting Mickey and his friends at the Character Spot, then hopping on Test Track, and finally heading over to start the World Showcase, all summed up with a ride on Nemo and a walk through the aquarium in the afternoon before dinner. 


A Breakfast Or A Dessert? These Gluten Free Powdered Custard Donuts Can Be Either!

I’ll be honest, most of the time during my pregnancy being gluten free wasn’t too difficult. Of course there were plenty of moments where I couldn’t seem to get a specific craving out of my head and couldn’t necessarily satisfy it either but that was to be expected. There were also plenty of moments that my cravings were completely doable and were for things that I could eat in a second. Like everyone else’s pregnancies though mine was no different, scattered throughout there were cravings for non-gluten free items that, no matter what I would do, just wouldn’t disappear. Two in particular stand out at the moment, bagels and donuts, both of which were extremely off limits in my diet. (more…)

A Chaotic And Cool Gluten Free Dinner On Night 1 In The Beast’s West Wing Of Be Our Guest

So I suppose it’s become somewhat of a tradition to spend our first day of our Disney vacation in Magic Kingdom. Right after we do our bag drop off at our resort we head on over to Magic Kingdom to start our vacation off with a trip through Fantasyland’s finest rides. This particular trip was no different, filling our first day with a tour through some old and new rides and finishing it off with a perfect first night’s dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant. (more…)

A Vacation Filled With A Little Family, Food, And A Lot Of Magic!

Disney World Here We Come!

Deliciously juicy turkey legs, strip steak with garlic herb butter and pommes frites, pulled pork sandwiches, and refreshingly sweet Dole Whips, in such a short time we’ll be basking in Orlando’s hot sun and humidity, enjoying all of Disney’s finest gluten free foods. As our trip inches closer I can’t help but get more and more excited, not only for the gluten free yumminess, but also for more fantastic Disney memories that we’ll create with our little one.  (more…)

Another Phenomenal Gluten Free Bread By Canyon Bakehouse: Deli Rye Style

Through my years of living gluten free, I’ve searched high and low for the best gluten free breads out there. While I’ve found my go to brands for everyday meals, I always keep my eyes peeled for more options. Although I’d heard the name Canyon Bakehouse before I’d never seen any of their products in my local stores. Hearing more and more fantastic things about them, I was intrigued to see what kinds of products they offer, so I finally decided to check out their website. Oh my was I ever glad that I did too. Here I found two gluten free breads that I’d never seen gluten free before, their Rosemary and Thyme Foccacia and Deli Style Rye. (more…)

Good Morning Gluten Free World! How About A Gluten Free Breakfast Wrap!

Ever since I made those delicious Gluten Free Chicken, Broccoli, and Cheese Quesadillas I’ve been obsessed with Udi’s tortillas. I can’t get over just how perfect their texture and taste is despite their gluten status. I mean it’s pretty hard to believe that after years of searching high and low never being able to find a delicious gluten free tortilla that Udi’s now has seemed to accomplish the impossible and make a beautifully soft flour tortilla sans gluten that tastes and feels just like the regular version! Congratulations Udi’s! (more…)

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