My Little One’s Birth Was Anything But Textbook, But Bringing Her Into This World Was A Complete Fairy Tale

So, I seem to have babies on the brain lately, and with the apparent baby boom that seems to be erupting all around us I can’t help but reminisce about my birth story with my little girl. I suppose if I’m going to be blogging about pregnancy, I should share my road to motherhood too. As much as I wish that my story was picturesque and something straight out of a movie, the birth of my little girl didn’t quite go as planned, but the end result, was just as remarkable as I had dreamed. Before we get there though, I think I should probably start a little bit earlier, in my pre-married life, when a certain diagnosis would change the future more than I knew. (more…)

In The Mood For A Pre-made Full Size Gluten Free Pizza? You’re In Luck, Freschetta Has Come To The Rescue!

Freschetta Plain

In light of the recent debut of Freschetta’s gluten free pizzas in my local grocer’s freezer case, I thought I’d pass along a Freschetta coupon too! Since I’ve only just seen these pizzas locally, I have yet to actually taste one, but in the past, Freschetta was always my favorite for a quick, ready to cook pizza. While I certainly love taking the cheaper route and making my own pizzas, either with Bob’s Red Mill mix or Udi’s or Schar pre-made crusts, we’ve all had those lazy nights where you just wish that you could plop something in the oven to cook for 10-15 minutes without any prep besides placing it on a baking sheet. (more…)

A Light, Gluten Free Dinner Along The Canal At Epcot’s San Angel Inn Restaurante

Since I was slowly on the mend from my bout of heat exhaustion, our slower paced day in Animal Kingdom and light dinner at the San Angel Inn Restaurante in Epcot’s Mexico were a perfect fit. By the time we had made our way through all of the scenic and shaded trails of the park, hopped on a few rides here and there, and nibbled on a Gluten Free BabyCakes Donut and Flame Tree Barbecue Pulled Pork my appetite and energy level were pushed pretty close to the limit, but after a little resting at the hotel, we were on the bus again and headed over to Epcot for dinner. 

DSC_0169 (2)


Summer May Be Over But You Can Enjoy These Gluten Free S’more Chex Treats Year Round

Do you LOVE the gluten free Chex varieties as much as I do? They are by far the best gluten free cereal I’ve had to date. From rice and corn to honey nut, chocolate, and vanilla, each is as tasty as the one before, and that’s only some of the flavors that they offer. Any and all of them make a perfect bowl of cereal for breakfast, okay lunch and dinner too if you’re like me and can eat breakfast at any meal of the day. (more…)

When Pizza Night Rolls Around Try A Burrata And Pesto Gluten Free Focaccia Pizza

I’ll be honest, I’m one of those people that loves receiving mail, well the happy kinds, not bills and junk mail. Letters, cards, packages, it’s truly a lost art of communication but one that I love. I mean who doesn’t love coming home and finding a little brown package sitting on their doorstep, especially one with Canyon Bakehouse in the return address. I lugged little one, the diaper bag, and the brown box of gluten free love into the house and couldn’t wait to tear into it. A beautiful site laid before me in the form of three fresh loaves of gluten free focaccia.  (more…)

Gluten Free Pork Roll, Egg, And Cheese Bagel Sandwich

With years of hopping between grocery stores just to find a loaf of bread that I could eat, I now can happily just grab a loaf of gluten free bread and toss it into the cart with the rest of my groceries on my bi-weekly trip to the store. It took awhile, but now my Shop Rite stocks a pretty wide selection of Schar gluten free products, from rolls and breads to cookies and crackers. Now when I grab my husband and daughter’s loaf of bread, all I have to do is turn around and see four or five shelves of yellow packaged products with Schar’s signature red label and a red “gluten free” plastered on them. 



It Was A Shady Day In Animal Kingdom, Perfect To Get This Gluten Free Mommy Back In The Game

After hibernating a bit the day before, I woke up to feel a tad bit better on our Animal Kingdom day. I managed to get down a few bites of breakfast and we were off to walk the wonderfully shaded trails of Animal Kingdom, certainly a great choice in my book for this day in particular. We moved a bit slower and found quite a few benches but we still managed to see all that we had hoped. (more…)

Save On Your Gluten Free Silk Soymilk Today


Even though I’m technically just gluten free and not dairy free, I do try to limit my dairy intake where possible. Since having my little girl, I’ve really be drawn to the health benefits of coconut and almond milk. I’ve loved using both in my smoothies, gluten free baking, or just grabbing a glass to drink. One of my favorite brands is Silk, a gluten and dairy free staple that has graced my family’s presence for a number of years since my little food allergy nephew was born. While I’ve bought and served my nephew Silk on a number of occasions, I myself hadn’t actually tried it until a couple of years ago. Now, I love the stuff, especially the coconut, almond, or combination of both varieties. One of my favorite flavors to drink by far though is the Dark Chocolate Almondmilk. If you haven’t added Silk Soymilk to your gluten free life you absolutely should try it, but make sure you print this coupon first. Enjoy!



A Less Crowded Start To Our First Full Magic Kingdom Day With A Heat Exhausted Finish

As the fourth morning of our summer vacation rolled around, we were up and raring to go for our first full day in Magic Kingdom (well at least most of us, I on the other hand was still a little run down). Our Magic Kingdom days are really some of my favorites. Almost everything we do is for our little girl, from rides and character meet and greets to parades and even special dining, each moment spent here is all about our little one. Just as we had on our previous days, we had our fastpasses all planned out ahead of time with a Be Our Guest lunch reservation smooshed in the middle. To say we were all excited would be an understatement. (more…)

In The Mood For Some Authentic And Gluten Free German Sausages And Potato Salad? Try Epcot’s Biergarten In Germany.

After a great day in Hollywood Studios we were off to Epcot for a dinner in Germany. We debated on this one for a little while. We’d been there pre-baby and loved the environment and entertainment but were so so on the food. For me, the cuisine is not really up my alley, but I’m always willing to try new places for my husband who has much more of an adventurous palate than I. Even though our first experience at Biergarten didn’t quite wow us we decided to give it a second try, just the three of us, so our little girl might be able to enjoy a little German music and entertainment. (more…)

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