I Would Change The World For My Girls

In light of the horrific tragedies of this week in Orlando I’ve decided to keep my Disney vaca posts in the queue until next week. But I wanted to share a quote that as a parent I found really appropriate and couldn’t be more fitting right now. 


Every single day I worry about my kids’ futures, their well being, their health, their happiness. I look at the world so differently now as a parent, wondering what mankind will look like as my children grow when today it’s so incredibly ugly. Not a day passes that we don’t hear of some act of violence or proclamations of hatred and it seems as of late these are becoming more and more frequent. I worry for my kids what world they’re going to live in and if this violence will end for them. I would do anything in my power to protect them from this horror but some day our world will be their world and what can I do for them then? 

I’ve noticed now more than ever the flaws in mankind, our inability to just be kind to one another, to genuinely appreciate each other, and to respect one another. People are so busy competing with one another, pulling other people down, judging, thinking they’re better, instead of realizing how wonderful the world could be without doing that. I’ve always said that I don’t see color, race, sexuality, I see if someone is kind, if they’re a good person. And my girls will do the same, no matter the world they live in, they will see people for who they are and hopefully they’ll see a world that looks a lot better than what mine does.

And what I’m reminded of after so many acts of cruelty is that my girls’ future begins with me and all parents. Our children need to be taught how to treat each other with kindness and that begins now. Sadly they’ll learn of all of these horrific events and my only hope is that that won’t be their reality, that their world will look so different, and that human beings will finally get it. We were all created and put here by the same being and if we truly lived a life of happiness, compassion, unity, what a world it would be. My hope is that our species will wake up and realize the error of our ways and live better lives for our kids. Every single person can do better and be better. 

And as of two days ago, I was reminded again just how precious and fragile our lives are when a tragic accident occurred in Disney World to an innocent baby boy. My heart aches for this family, for these parents, and for that sweet boy who lost his life too soon. I can’t stop thinking of this family of four vacationing in such a magical place, just like we had a few weeks ago, when something so horrible happened. After I heard the news I snuck into my girls’ bedrooms to give them one last tearful hug and kiss goodnight. And I couldn’t help but think of the irony in these two events happening one right after the other. Life is so precious and fragile, a real gift, and in a second, a terrifying accident like this poor boy’s ordeal can take it away. That’s the flaw in God’s design but that’s an accident. We don’t need purposeful, violent acts doing the same.

 And just in reading some of the comments on this family’s tragedy I’m disheartened even more in so many people’s lack of compassion and their need to blame someone. In accidents like this where parents lost their baby, people should feel nothing but sympathy and empathy, never judgement. We need to change, our world needs to change. Look in yourself and be a better person, love others, smile at strangers, hug someone if they’re crying, truly treat others how you would want to be treated. 

I look at my girls this rainy morning as I’m typing this post, one snug on the sofa watching Big Hero 6 and the other gobbling down strawberry Cheerios, and I truly thank God I have this moment. I pray that I’ll have a million more with my family. I pray for everyone in Orlando who’s suffered so tremendously this past week. And now more than ever I’m going to hug my girls a lot tighter and enjoy this day with them.



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