Print Your Enjoy Life Coupon Today And Try An Allergen Free Treat!

I first met Enjoy Life foods many years back when we found out that my dear little nephew suffered from severe, life threatening allergies to some of the top allergens including dairy, egg, wheat/gluten, nuts, shellfish, and a few other more minor allergens. Little did I know that I myself would be enjoying Enjoy Life foods several years later but I must say that I truly do enjoy their products. The best part about Enjoy Life products though is that they are free of the 8 most common allergens, which makes people of ages, especially little ones like my nephew, extremely happy to be able to safely enjoy snacks and treats.

One of my now favorite products that I just stumbled upon at Target are the Cocoa Loco Baked Chewy Bars. My favorite part about purchasing these products is that their allergen information is clear and concise on their packaging, leaving no mystery as to what is contained within that product. In fact they include symbols as well, which always makes identifying allergy free products easier, that indicate a product being free of the 8 top allergens. Check out their extensive list of allergy free products here and pick your favorites that you’d like to try! Also make sure you print a 55 cents of any Enjoy Life Product coupon to save on your gluten free goodies! 



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