Weekly Highlights in the Gluten Free World 3/21/14

Today I’m launching a new section of my site where every week I will share anything gluten free, such as new recipes that I am eager to try and even gluten free research. I am so excited to share all that I’m learning about the gluten free world everyday and all that others are sharing as well! Now onto this week’s yummy, interesting, and helpful highlights.

  • Gluten Free Avocado Chocolate Chip Cookies: In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, the online community was overrun with the eats and treats from the holiday. One treat in particular caught my eye, not only in its uncharacteristically green appearance but also in its unique combination of ingredients. I’m always eager to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet and what’s better than making a classic dessert a bit healthier by adding a veggie. Gluten free avocado chocolate chip cookies are such an ingenious idea and are an incredibly festive treat perfect for St. Patrick’s Day (but regardless of their green color can be enjoyed year round too)! The incorporation of avocado is basically in place of butter making the classic chocolate chip cookie much healthier but still keeping the wonderful taste and fluffy texture of the cookie. All I can say is kudos to Jennifer @Peanut Butter and Peppers for coming up with a unique variation to the gluten free chocolate chip cookie and I am super excited to give this recipe a try! Read more and catch a glance of Jennifer’s festive dessert here and keep an eye out to see how mine turn out!
  • Eating Gluten Free on a Budget: As a gluten free eater, the eternal question that exists in today’s economy is how to stick to a budget when gluten free food by nature is more expensive than regular food. Glutenfree.com provided us with a helpful list of recommendations for following a budget despite being gluten free. One tool that I use in particular and that glutenfree.com agrees is important is planning ahead and making a list but most importantly sticking to it. For me, the sticking to it part is somewhat difficult as I tend to come up with new meal ideas while grocery shopping. While it’s okay to improvise some, try to keep a majority of you’re shopping to your list. One other tip that is highlighted in this article and I am a major fan of is reviewing your weekly circular and coupons for sale sales. When a gluten free item specifically is on sale, stock up on this product if the expiration is a ways away as the frequency of sales on allergy items is not that often. There are several more tips and tricks to sticking to your budget while living gluten free so take a look here and make sure to practice what you’ve learned!
  • Closing of Babycakes in Downtown Disney: Sadly Babycakes NYC, a highlight for many who vacation to Disney World, has closed its doors as of March 19, 2014. Although for the immediate future they will continue to supply specific resorts with allergy free treats as well as special order cakes for restaurant reservations, we will no longer be able to walk into their pastry paradise and have our pick off of an endless menu of treats. As of right now, it remains to be seen if the Downtown Disney Babycakes will reopen in a different location or remain closed for good. I certainly vote for its reopening, maybe even in a park location??? Here’s to wishful thinking!!! Keep an eye on their Twitter handle, @DTDBabyCakesNYC, for any announcements.
  • 6 Signs That You Are Gluten Intolerant: As many of you have probably learned from my story already, I lost over a decade of my life to pain and suffering due to gluten. Thanks to family, friends, and the power of internet searching I found my treatment. Out of the countless number of doctors that I visited over the years, none of them ever suggested a food intolerance leaving me without a diagnosis and still living in pain. Unfortunately many of the symptoms of gluten intolerance overlap with a number of diseases or food aversions so it makes diagnosis and treatment extremely difficult; that being said I do not think that a food intolerance should ever be ignored as a source of the problem, especially since testing is as simple as omitting items from your diet and seeing what happens. On that note, Underground Health posted 6 identifiable symptoms that could indicate a gluten intolerance. Among them is one of the most prominent symptoms that reflects distress on the gastrointestinal system taking the form of bloating, cramping, queasiness, etc. This symptom unfortunately can be indicative of many diseases or conditions so linking it to gluten intolerance is difficult. Take a look at the remaining symptoms here and decide if this could be a potential problem for you.

I certainly hope any or all of this information was helpful to you! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts or advice!





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