Fresh, Ready-To-Eat Gluten Free Bread Has Arrived Thanks To Schar

Artisan Baker White Bread

This mommy is getting her gluten free groove back! That’s right after almost a year of a restricted pregnancy and nausea dictated diet, I’m back with a healthy appetite for anything and everything gluten free I can get my hands on (well maybe not everything, I am still a very picky eater). Once baby girl arrived my acid reflux and nausea had vanished, I was diving into fruit salads, appetizers of soft cheeses, and heaping cold cut sandwiches piled high on some of the best gluten free bread I’ve ever tasted. 

Next to one of my favorite gluten free breads, Canyon Bakehouse’s Deli Rye bread, Schar has released a brand new bread that’s perfect for every kind of sandwich. Their Artisan Baker White Bread is soft, fresh, and needs no prep before eating, a huge win in the gluten free world! And trust me, when it comes to gluten bread I’m hypercritical seeing as I love my sandwiches and have greatly missed them over the years.  

Not long after baby arrived, my husband first brought home a loaf of this brand new bread and I have to admit that I was a little reluctant to give it a try. Unfortunately my faith in Schar’s breads has dwindled down to pretty much nothing after I’d bought many a loaf of bread over the past year that was either squished into tea sandwich sized slices or so brittle that just removing a slice from the small package causes the whole loaf to break in half. I’d grown so frustrated wasting $5.99 on a small loaf of unusable bread that we really hadn’t been purchasing bread the past few months and my love of sandwiches was put on the back burner towards the end of my pregnancy. 

Thankfully though Schar has stepped up and given us a phenomenal new loaf of gluten free bread, one that I hope sticks around for a very long time. First off, while the loaves are still the same size, you cut the packaging open and the slices are ready to eat then and there, no toasting needed. I absolutely love being able to just pull the bread out of the packaging and use it straight away, a rarity for gluten free breads which usually come frozen or fresh, requiring heating in some way before eating. Next up the texture, I can’t rave about the texture enough. We all know that anything bread like in the gluten free world can be really off putting texture wise but this bread is a huge exception. These slices have that elasticity that lacks in so many other types of gluten free bread, but these definitely hold their own in so many different kinds of meals, trust me I’ve tested it. Whether you want a sandwich loaded with lunch meat, french toast or grilled cheese in the skillet, or even use a slice to wrap around your favorite hot dogs, Schar’s Artisan bread can do it all without crumbling to the touch or disintegrating with the moisture. 

For the ultimate bread test though, the biggest question is taste. Will the perfect new texture compromise the breads taste? I’m happy to report that the answer on that one is absolutely not! This bread literally reminds me of gluten breads from my past, soft and pliable slices of bread that are squishy and elastic to the pull who’s taste blends with any and all kinds of concoctions.

Using a new recipe, Schar’s successfully created a fresh, soft and squishy, and excellent tasting gluten free bread, all the qualities we’ve been dreaming of and they’re now wrapped up in just one loaf of bread. I have to admit in my postpartum recovery where easy to make sandwiches are a new mommy’s best friend this bread has been a savior. I’ve had many a gluten free sandwich for quick lunches and dinners without any thawing, microwaving, or toasting. Thanks so much to Schar for giving us the gluten free bread of our dreams! Now let’s cross our fingers that they’ll use this new recipe to make all of our favorite versions of bread! 

So put away that frozen bread, run to the store, and buy all of the fixings for your perfect sandwich but don’t forget Schar’s Artisan Baker White Bread because that’s what will make your sandwich truly perfect and perfectly gluten free!



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