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We’ve Reached The 21 Week Mark!

I have to say this pregnancy has ticked by pretty slowly for me, probably because we’ve had a freezing cold winter keeping us cooped up inside and also because this mommy-to-be hasn’t really felt too good since day 1. But I’m happy to report that we’ve passed the halfway mark and we’re now headed into countdown mode. Baby is moving around like crazy, even letting daddy feel a kick for the first time! After now experiencing two totally different pregnancies, I can officially concur that pregnancy as a whole is a crazy, roller coaster ride with tons of ups and downs, both emotional and physical, but by far the peak of each one is feeling that little one swirling around and kicking inside, there’s nothing more euphoric than that feeling. 

21 Weeks with Baby #2
21 Weeks with Baby #2

As baby and mommy grow, we just keep getting busier and busier over here, but that’s how we like it! It’s hard to believe that Disney is just around the corner and then soon after comes Easter, spring time which means plenty of outdoor time finally, Memorial Day parades, and then some early summer adventures before baby comes. We’re in for some eventful and exciting weeks and months ahead! But for now I just wanted to catch you up on how I’ve been feeling now that I’m nestled snugly in my 2nd trimester!





A few more details of what 21 weeks looks like in our house:

  • Go to gluten free foods: Absolutely loving my Sweet Note Bagels with cream cheese!, lots and lots of salads with Marie’s Blue Cheese Dressing or Olive Garden’s Italian Dressing, some of my favorites from Toscano’s Ristorante vodka rigatoni and their antipasto salad, Schar wafer cookies are one of my favorite go to snacks right now, and slowly but surely I’m getting back into making smoothies
  • How am I sleeping?: This is hit or miss with me, some days are definitely better than others and waking up to go to the bathroom at least once is certainly not helping.
  • What’s happening in our world this week: Being cooped up inside because of our freezing cold temperatures is certainly no fun by myself let alone with an ancy toddler who just wants to run around but we’re making the best of it with lots of coloring, painting, reading, and tv and movie time. Feel free to share how you keep your 2 year old busy and happy when you’re cooped up for the winter. 
  • The big secret has been revealed, well kind of: We finally know who our second little one is and I have to say it’s the sweetest secret that we’ve gotten to share just us three and a few others too. Now we have the biggest task ahead, picking a name! We have our list started and a few front runners have emerged so we should be narrowing down on that one pretty soon but as far as the final name choice, we’re keeping that between just us three until baby arrives and meets the rest of our family and friends. 
  • What I love most at this point: Baby seems to be moving constantly these days giving me plenty of swirls and twirls but even some notable belly jump kicks in there too. But my favorite moment recently is when Dan was able to feel baby for the first time, he’s been a second too late for every single other feeling until this week when he got a little reminder of the little one that’s been living in my belly!


Lindsay (21 weeks)



Almost Halfway There And This Mommy-To-Be Can’t Wait To Find Out Who Our Little Swimmer Is Next Week!

17 Weeks with Baby #2
17 Weeks with Baby #2

With a predicted blizzard on our hands earlier this week, we’ve been somewhat snowed in or at least frozen in because it’s been so cold outside lately. But no amount snow or cold was going to keep us away from taking our little girl to see a special surprise that was perfect just for her. We were treating our snowed in bunny to Disney On Ice, Princess And Heroes. I was a bit skeptical back when we purchased the tickets if she would actually sit through the entire thing but boy was I wrong. 

With a two hour ice show filled with all of her favorite Disney princesses, princes, and characters galore, she was in awe of everything from start to finish, even straining to stay awake not wanting to miss a second at the end. We had amazing seats so that way little one and her cousins would catch all of the action from up above and did they ever. It was a fantastic show even for us adults, and our kids couldn’t get enough of the fancy ice moves, music and lights flashing, surprising stunt work, and even better sets and props. And what would a fun night out be without a funny anecdote about your toddler, this night was no exception. While nibbling away on her special soft pretzel, she happened to notice the people controlling some of the spotlights who were seated near the ceiling above us and she couldn’t get enough of them. So between enjoying the show she would crane her neck to admire, point at, and even wave and say hi to the light controllers up in the rafters. Bet they didn’t know they were part of the show for a certain little girl! DSC_0801 While Disney On Ice was certainly a winner for our little girl, I think we might just have a future Disney lover swimming around in my belly too. With my bump getting bigger and bigger, I’ve been feeling a little bit of movement but none compared to the swirling around that’s been going on this week. By far though the most movement was at the show, where it literally felt like I swallowed a 5 inch fish and it was swimming around like crazy in my belly. Such an extraordinary feeling that never gets old.

To find out more on my 17th week of pregnancy and catch a peak of my little copilot, check out my surprise vlog! Ignore the lovely thumbnail image from the video, because I’m sure there were no smiling moments that youtube could snapshot for me, gotta love it!





A few more details of what 17 weeks looks like in our house:

  • Go to gluten free foods: Fruit salad, bagels with cream cheese, homemade pizza with Schar crusts, lots and lots of salads with Marie’s Blue Cheese Dressing, Ore-ida fries with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and blue cheese dressing….as you can tell my appetite is returning a little at a time 
  • How am I sleeping?: Things are going pretty well here with only one bathroom wake up each night, which really isn’t too different than the norm for me.  
  • What’s happening in our world this week: As I mentioned earlier, we were in that blizzard prediction earlier this week with no blizzard to be found which is fine by me. What we did get was about 5-6 inches of fluffy white snow that our little girl just loved playing in, mommy not so much seeing as it is beyond freezing outside. But watching her get out and get some fresh air, laughing and smiling away was worth a little while of me not feeling my legs.
  • Countdown to baby gender reveal: We’re almost there! Just a short, really excruciatingly long weekend, away from seeing our little baby live and in person Monday and learning what we have in store for us. I couldn’t be more excited to not only find out boy or girl but to see that little one swimming around in there again.
  • What I love most at this point: That first real feeling of baby moving around is truly extraordinary. Up until now I’ve felt tons of swirls and small little movements but none like this week where baby has been literally swimming laps in there. I guess Baby #2 is going to be a water lover/ swimmer just like it’s sister and mommy!


Lindsay (17 weeks)


Our Little Snow White In Her Vlog Debut As She Turns Two!

I cannot believe it’s been almost two years since our little girl came into this world. When our little one was born we just knew that we were in for a lot of smiles, a lot of laughs, and tons of personality. She was just that since day 1 and has never sold us short on any of those since. Everyday we’re blessed to see that beautiful smile and hear her giggles and hearty belly laughs amidst watching her figure out her world while getting into a little trouble along the way. Turning two is a huge milestone for our little one but a big one for Mommy and Daddy too. In a sentimental way it makes me kind of sad that our little one is growing so quickly but at the same time that’s part of having kids. They can’t stay babies forever and each moment after they’re born holds a new memory and a new adventure. For us, that’s exactly how I would describe the past two years with our little girl, one adventure after another and filled with more memories than I could ask for. 

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to our Little Snow White! 

Loving my little girl’s Snow White party dress? You absolutely have to check out Lover Dovers Clothing on Etsy, They have amazing, handmade Disney dresses that are perfectly comfortable and so incredibly sweet. 

So there’s a sneak peak at our little one’s 2nd birthday party. Stay tuned early next week for some details from the big day!




This Halloween Pass Out Treats For All Kids To Enjoy By Participating In The Teal Pumpkin Project

As you might remember, I’ve mentioned a couple times my nephew who has severe allergies to milk, egg, peanuts, and shellfish. At only 7, this poor little boy has experienced more health wise than some of us in our twenties. With countless emergency visits to the doctor to the dreaded food challenges at Children’s Hospital, his life at 7 is not enviable by many. So when Halloween rolls around, a day that kids countdown to in anticipation of the boat loads of candy that they’ll get, my dear little nephew who can eat a grand total of 3-4 candies out of the entire candy aisle isn’t entirely thrilled with the idea of getting candy. Sure he looks forward to dressing up and the act of trick-or-treating but giving the bulk of his loot up at the end of the night to his brothers or his favorite aunt over here isn’t his favorite part. The-Teal-Pumpkin-Project-5 In the past, I always try to make sure that we have some non-candy treats for him, as well as some of his special allergy free candy treats too. At least this way he’ll always have a few houses that he’ll get treats that he won’t have to surrender at the end of the night. This year however I stumbled upon the Food Allergy Research & Education’s Teal Pumpkin Project. 

Make sure you head over to FARE’s site for more non-food treat ideas and to print out their Teal Pumpkin Project flyers to hang in your door or window. Also, get your kids involved and have them paint a pumpkin teal to keep on your doorstep! Help make this Halloween fun and safe for all the kids out there!