Ever Had Gluten Free Angel Food Cake? Now You Can With This Coupon By Gluten Free Bakehouse Whole Foods Market

Growing up, once we were past our years of character themed birthday cakes I’m pretty sure every birthday we requested my mom’s angel food cake. It was so light and fluffy with a little sponginess to it too, not to mention her chocolate pudding frosting she’d add to it (tear). Ah those were the days, lots of fantastic memories filled with gluten. These days, you won’t see many an angel food cake at birthday parties in our neck of the woods, mostly because it’s chock full of gluten. But now thanks to Whole Foods Market gluten free brand I’m going to welcome Angel Food Cake back into my life with open arms!

Whole Foods Market offers their own gluten free brand called Gluten Free Bakehouse. As far as their line of gluten free products is considered, there’s so much variety and each product that I’ve tried has been just as tasty as the other. From gluten free scones and muffins to pie crust and breadcrumbs and not to mention now angel food cake. It seems like the possibilities are endless for this gluten free store brand! Mouth watering yet? Yeah, mine is too, now it’s time to hop over to your local Whole Foods and grab your angel food cake, but don’t forget to print this Whole Foods Bakehouse Coupon.first to save yourself $1. Enjoy the treat and savings!



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