Barilla Has Finally Produced Gluten Free Pasta!

All I have to say is THANK YOU BARILLA!

Several of the mainstream pasta brands have finally joined the gluten free world and I for one couldn’t be more grateful. Barilla has introduced a number of gluten free pasta shapes, including penne, rotini, elbow, and spaghetti, all made with a perfect blend of corn and rice creating a pasta that both tastes and feels like regular pasta. Having tasted my fair share of gluten free pastas I must say I’ve never quite taken to either the brown rice or corn varieties that have existed. The new Barilla offerings have truly embraced the eternal goal of producing quality gluten free food that doesn’t taste free of gluten at all.

Welcome to the gluten free world Barilla!
Welcome to the gluten free world Barilla!

An added bonus of the debut of the larger pasta brands like Barilla is not only the increased variety of choices but also the much more competitive pricing. It unfortunately is not a secret that to eat with dietary restrictions is a much more costly way of life; to even consume pasta, which tends to be a cheaper dinner option for most diners, gluten free eaters must pay more. Now myself and my fellow gluten free eaters can indulge in a pasta dish for under $3.00 a box, in fact at my local grocer these varieties are available at just $2.69.

Now that gluten free pasta is much more economical to enjoy, it can be enjoyed more often  by all. The versatility of cooking with these pastas is endless so don’t be afraid to dig out your all time favorite family pasta dishes or try something new off of Barilla’s list of gluten free recipes here.

TIP: Keep an eye out for these pastas to go on sale, it isn’t often but it certainly does happen. More importantly, keep a watch for coupons for these items, either on their website or couponing sites, they do exist, not commonly but I have seen them. I’ll keep you posted as I discover these coupons so we can all take advantage of finally getting a good deal on gluten free pasta and finally gaining a little bit of control over our gluten free grocery budgets.



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